Q&A: Luke Kuechly

With Signing Day done, Eagle Insider will be following up the 2009 class. This is the fifth installment of a series of Q&A sessions. This time it is Luke Kuechly, who took some time to talk with Eagle Insider.

EI: Which coach played the biggest part in your recruitment to BC?

LK: I'd have to say Coach Sirmans. He was the guy that really recruited me and came by my school a bunch. He was the guy I primarily talked to on a regular basis.

EI: What position have you been told you will be starting your BC career at?

LK: I would say outside linebacker position.

EI: Have you kept in touch with any BC players or fellow commitments?

LK: I haven't really talked too much to any of the guys. There is a guy from my high school who is at BC now, Alex Albright, who I have talked to once or twice. I am trying to figure out if there is a way I can get into contact with some of these other commitments right now.

EI: Who was your host on your official visit?

LK: Chris Fox.

EI: What was the reason you chose BC, other than big time football and great academics?

LK: The Jesuit aspect I think played a role in it, as my high school St Xavier is also a Jesuit school. I also just felt comfortable with the school and the staff as a whole. The comfort level and the Jesuit atmosphere I guess.

EI: If I didn't choose BC, I would have gone to______.

LK: I don't know, I always kinda had Boston College up top. I really never had a second choice. If I had to have a second choice it would probably be between Duke, Stanford, or Virginia. I never really got to that second tier, second option school.

EI: Did Coach Jags situation ever make you waver on BC being your #1?

LK: I was kinda caught off guard when the whole thing happened. But Coach Sirmans called and explained what the situation was and that they were going to be interviewing some guys, and that they all wanted it to be Coach Spaziani. Once he got the job it kinda reassured me because it was someone within the team and made me feel like a lot of the stuff was going to end up being the same, or just the same atmosphere I guess.

EI: Which home-cooked meal are you going to miss the most while at college?

LK: Let's see here…my Dad makes some pretty good enchiladas. He has a Dutch oven and puts some pretty good stuff together in that. And probably my Mom making my lunch.

EI: Funniest or most memorable moment or person from official visit?

LK: I think that was one of the first college football games I had ever really been to. I can't really remember that many, I went to one when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. I was pretty close to the field when I went to the Boston College-Georgia Tech football game, so that was pretty neat. Unfortunately they lost, but it was still a great experience.

EI: Hottest celebrity you would like to go out with?

LK: I don't know, there is a bunch of them. I can't really say.

EI: When at a party, what's your best line with a girl?

LK: I don't really have any lines, I just kinda go up and talk to them, ya know.

EI: How would you describe your game on the field at this point?

LK: I would say smart above all. Coming from St. X we ran a pretty complex scheme.

EI: What are you measuring in at these days?

LK: I'm about 215 lbs and almost 6-4.

EI: What do you listen to before a football game?

LK: It depends. I don't listen to a whole bunch of music. Maybe a little bit of Dave Matthews Band, it depends on what mood I am in.

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