Q&A: Michael Marscovetra

With Signing Day done, Eagle Insider will be following up the 2009 class. This is the sixth installment of a series of Q&A sessions. This time it is Michael Marscovetra, who took some time to talk with Eagle Insider.

EI: Which coach played the biggest part in your recruitment to BC?

MM: Coach Bill McGovern.

EI: Did the Coach Jag's situation give you any second thoughts on BC?

MM: I was pretty solid. A few other schools like PITT and Syracuse jumped in, but the coaching change didn't really affect me. It wasn't a major one, the defensive coordinator stepped up, so it wasn't a total reconstruction. I still felt really comfortable with everything.

EI: Have you kept in touch with any BC players or fellow commitments?

MM: I have been talking to TE/WR, not sure what he is going to play, Mike Naples. We have been texting a few times. I haven't met anybody else and had a chance to get their numbers.

EI: Who was your host on your official visit?

MM: Chris Pantale, who grew up in Wayne right down the road. Alex DiSanzo was also in the same room. I played against Chris in high school.

EI: What was the reason you chose BC, other than big time football and great academics?

MM: I have always been a BC football fan for the last few years and BC was my number one school of where I wanted to go. I just pictured myself playing there. In my sophomore year when my coach asked me where I wanted I go, I said Boston College. So it worked out perfectly.

EI: If I didn't choose BC, I would have gone to______.

MM: That depends. I was thinking about Syracuse a lot. Syracuse and PITT hadn't offered because they said I was committed to BC. But they said if that changed, they were still looking for a QB, and would probably offer. I was actually also looking at a D-IAA school, Bryant University. I was looking at that school a lot because it is a great academic school too. It was basically between those two.

EI: Which home-cooked meals of your mother or father's are you going to miss the most while at college?

MM: I have been living with my Dad for the past few years, so definitely going to be my Dad's meals. But my Mom makes some good meals every now and then on Sundays. The dish I am really going to miss is my Dad's chicken francaise.

EI: Funniest or most memorable moment or person from official visit?

MM: Funniest kid I would have to say was Alex DiSanzo. He grew up around here, so we kinda knew each other and we would talk about Jersey times.

EI: Hottest celebrity you would like to go out with?

MM: I would have to say Jessica Alba. Definitely Jessica Alba.

EI: When at a party, what's your best line with a girl?

MM: (laughs) I haven't really had to use any lines in a long time, I've had a girlfriend for the past 2 ½ years. Haven't had to worry about the lines lately. EI: How would you describe your game on the field at this point?

MM: Intense and very competitive. Probably physically my best capability as a quarterback is my ability to throw the long ball. A lot of times in high school I have been known to throw a lot of deep passes, I like to go deep. The last couple years I have been more of a pocket passer due to an ankle injury, I chipped two bones. But when I was younger I was more mobile and have been getting back to my normal state. I'm hoping to get back to being a more mobile quarterback.

EI: What do you listen to before a football game?

MM: I listen to Eminem and Lil Wayne mostly.

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