Q&A: Ian White

With Signing Day done, Eagle Insider will be following up the 2009 class. This is the tenth installment of a series of Q&A sessions. This time it is Ian White, who took some time to talk with Eagle Insider.

EI: Which coach played the biggest part in your recruitment to BC?

IW: Definitely Coach Bicknell. He was positive about everything and I went down for some spring practices last year and everything I saw was so positive about getting better and nothing was really negative. Obviously if you screwed up he would get on you, but that is only making you better. The way he coached, the way he was as a person, what I got to know…really drew me to the school. What he taught and showed me about the school really helped a lot with my recruitment.

EI: So you have been pretty bummed when Coach Bicknell took the job with the New York Giants?

IW: Yeah, definitely. I don't know, what is the best word, upset I guess. But I have a great relationship with Coach Devine and when I heard he got that job that certainly sparked it back up for me. He recruited me pretty strongly for about a year while he was at UNH. UNH had offered me in February of my junior year and from then I was talking to him on a consistent basis whenever he could contact me. I got to know him very well and when I heard he was coming to BC it was a good thing.

EI: What position have you been told you will be starting your BC career at?

IW: Freshman and sophomore years in high school I started at quarterback on varsity. Then I kept growing and they knew my future wasn't going to be at quarterback so they moved me to tight end and defensive end for my junior and senior years. So I was even raw on my film at tight end and defensive end coming from being a quarterback. So they haven't really picked a position for me on the offensive line yet. They just want to get me there, get me playing, and see what happens at practice. See how I fit learning the offense, see what my style of play is. Wherever I'll work, I'll play. I'm just looking to see the field whenever I can and do whatever I can to help the team win. It depends on how I compare with the other lineman coming in and who is already there. You can judge athletic ability but you have no idea until you see them on the field.

EI: How would you describe your game on the field at this point?

IW: Passionate, not willing to give up, not willing to lose. Always wanting to win and beat the guy across from me. In high school it was my confidence in that I felt I could beat the guy across from me every single play. So I guess confidence, desire, and passion.

EI: What do you listen to before a football game?

IW: Right before the game a little bit of metal. Three Days Grace, Metallica.

EI: Who was your host on your official visit?

IW: Mike Stone.

EI: Funniest or most memorable moment or person from official visit?

IW: The most memorable is when we left dinner in Boston at this all you could eat lobster and steak dinner. At the end they had all this cooked lobster that they couldn't do anything with, so they put it in a bunch of tins and out walks all of the offensive lineman with a few tins of like 20 lobsters. They were all going to bring them back to the dorms and split them later that night. It was just really funny watching all of the lineman walk out with a ton of lobsters, just given to eat. It was a lot of fun.

EI: Have you kept in touch with any BC players or fellow commitments?

IW: I talk to Keith Bourne quite a bit, just about lifting and how everything is going. He is the one I talk to the most. I talk a little bit to Jonathan Coleman. As for the players on the team now, I have a little bit of a relationship with Rich Lapham because he played at Souhegan HS. I played against him as a freshman when I was a quarterback. Also, since being down on my official I have talked to Mike Stone when I have had any questions about the coaching situation and stuff like that.

EI: So you say you talk to Keith Bourne about lifting, who is throwing up more on the bench press these days?

IW: (chuckles) Probably him. I feel like I have the size, the stuff you can't coach, so I have done most of work on the agility ladders and hurdles. Trying to get my footwork up, trying to work on that more than the lifting aspect. So now that I have an actual workout plan for the next couple months, I am really excited to get in the weight room and start building some muscle on my frame. That is my big thing and why I am probably going to redshirt, to build my body up to a division I offensive lineman.

EI: What was the reason you chose BC, other than big time football and great academics?

IW: One of the big things was the coaches, they really stressed that they recruit BC kids and they recruit BC football players. And that the type of people going to BC are like me, that they are all good people. Nobody is out looking for trouble. It is all a good core group of kids that is there to get the job done. You hear about all these places where kids are getting into trouble and you just don't hear that with BC. That is what I was looking for. Obviously I can play big time football and get a great education, but I'm also surrounded by people that have the same goal and same priorities in life that I have. That was a big thing that they stressed and that a huge turn on for me with BC.

EI: If I didn't choose BC, I would have gone to______.

IW: At the time I didn't have any other offers other than UNH. So I probably would have gone to UNH. If BC didn't come on as strong as they did, I probably would have sent out more film and talked to coaches more, particularly at Penn State. They hadn't offered though so it probably would have been UNH.

EI: Which home-cooked meal are you going to miss the most while at college?

IW: I would say my Mom's swordfish. I am a big seafood and fish guy.

EI: Hottest celebrity you would like to go out with?

IW: (chuckles) Hayden Panettiere (chuckles).

EI: When at a party, what's your best line with a girl?

IW: Oh jeez, I don't have any lines. Just go with it I guess.

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