Williams Begins Looking At Schools

Willie Williams, like most prospects, is just beginning the recruiting process. His combination of academics and athletics has many of the top academic programs strongly interested in his services. The list of suitors is growing, but he is beginning to focus in on a handful of schools and setting his spring and summer plans.

Parkton, Md., native Willie Williams is a big tailback that takes pride in running hard and playing between the tackles. His combination of speed, strength and good academics have drawn the early attention of many ACC schools.

"I'm hearing the most from Boston College. They sent me a DVD so I could put together some of my games for them. I'm getting that to them as soon as possible. "

Other schools are also showing strong interest. Clemson, Duke, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech have been in steady contact and invited Willie to their summer camps. He is also being asked to come to spring practices over his spring break.

"I'm definitely going to do some one day camps. I'm heading down to go to Wake and Duke for sure. I also want to go to Clemson and Virginia Tech. I will be at Boston College for sure during the summer to camp there."

Of course, football is only one part of it. Harold Williams, Willie's grandfather was quick to point out that the trip south was primarily to visit Duke and Wake Forest. "Willie will be at Duke for sure. That I know. They invited him and want to see him there so we will make sure we go there," Mr. Williams said.

The interest in Boston College is not an accident.

"I don't know if you have heard of the Haden family. They have a son up at Boston College, "Mr. Williams said. "Willie is in his training program and has heard a lot of good things about Boston College and is very interested in them."

At this point, no one has extended an offer, but that is just a matter of time. The Williams family is busy putting together video for all the schools that have requested it. Willie is now preparing to take the SAT this spring and then will participate in the Baltimore combine. After that it is a quick trip to Maryland and Navy to watch spring practice. The summer will be filled with trips to colleges.

"Me and a teammate will be making a quick trip to Maryland and Navy to watch spring practice. I want to see what college ball is like so I know what to expect. I want to be prepared for the intensity of it."

As far as his style of play, Willie is a between the tackles type of back. "I'm definitely a guy who likes to run hard between the tackles. That's my game. I like running over people."

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