Staton Planning His Spring

It is early in the recruiting process and many kids are just starting to think about their college options. For some, the options are unclear as they are just starting to get a feel for the schools interested in them. Brandon Staton is such an example. Eagle Insider caught up with him to get an update on his recruiting.

This time of year, the recruits who get the most attention are those who played in their junior year and have gone through the combines set up by the apparel companies. The great bulk of the kids who will one day make up rosters of major college football programs are just getting noticed by recruiters.

A good example is Brandon Stanton. At the start of his junior season, scouts were keeping an eye on him. Then, he broke his ankle in his second game and everything stopped. But, schools kept in touch.

"Well, my recruiting is going pretty good. Things kind of slowed down when I broke my ankle. I broke my ankle the second game of the season. So, I missed most of the season. "

That meant potential early offers were put on hold. Now, colleges are waiting to see how he recovers and how he responds to the injury.

"I'm in track now. It was kind of like a high ankle sprain. The doctors treated it like that because it was more of a chip in the bone than a break. They called it a break because the bone was broken, but it was more of a chip than a break. I'm back running track now so it seems like it is OK."

As far as his offer list, Scout had him with offers from BC, VT and Clemson.

"I wish those schools had offered. They are interested, but because of my injury, they are just waiting to see me again. Everyone tells me if I'm back to full strength next season there will be plenty of offers. "

That means he has to show the recruiters he is healthy. To do that, Brandon will spend his spring and summer going to camps and combines.

"I'm going to summer camps. I'll be at Duke, South Carolina and North Carolina. They are serious academic schools and my mother tells me all the time that there's where I have to look. It's not just football. "

Brandon is level headed about the process. Because of his injury, he has to go out and show everyone he is healthy and capable of playing big time football.

"I'm looking at the ACC schools. Tennessee is interested so maybe I'll look at them to. BC keeps sending me mail so I would like to learn more about them. I'm going to some combines and I'll go to Maryland's camp. Once everyone sees me healthy I figure everyone will be in touch."

Brandon is realist about his recruiting. He will hit the camps and combines, but knows he will have to wait until the fall to show recruiters what he can do on the field. Consequently, he will be waiting until the fall to make his college decision.

"I expect to be ready to have a good season and show everyone what I can do on the field."

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