Phillips Talks Recruiting

Four-star wide receiver Shakim Phillips has been garnering interest since his sophomore year. The New Jersey standout is receiving interest from colleges around the country and was just named to the Scout 300. Eagle Insider caught up with him for an update on his recruiting.

Shakim Phillips is just beginning to look at colleges, but colleges have been looking at him for over a year. He recently picked up an offer from Boston College.

"The offer from BC was a surprise. I knew they offered, but I did not know when. I mean, I knew they were going to offer and when it came it was a nice surprise."

While the offer was a surprise, the interest goes back to his sophomore year.

"I've talked to all the coaches at BC. I've talked with Coach McGovern, Coach Day and Coach Siravo mostly, but I have talked to everyone there. I went up to their camp my sophomore year so they have been keeping an eye on me."

Phillips is not just gaining attention because of his football skills. All of the top academic programs have show interest due to his work in the classroom in addition to his play on the field.

"My grades are good and that's why the academic schools are interested. That's my biggest interest too. The big things for me are academics, what kind of an education I can expect. Football is important, of course. The area of the school is important too. I like being near the city, so that will be a big part of it."

Boston College is of particular interest due to the fact it is a Catholic school. Phillips attends De Paul Catholic in Wayne New Jersey.

"I'm at a Catholic school. So, it is pretty formal but not too much. We can wear Polos in the summer and a cardigan in the winter. I like Catholic school and that will be something I think about. You can say it will be a factor too."

Despite the offers, Phillips continues to work on his game.

"I'm 6'2" and 195, but I've started lifting again and think I can put some more weight on and still keep my speed. As far as my game, I really don't know. I'm not sure exactly how I'd fit into college. I just think the coaches will know where I best fit and tell me what I need to do."

Like most prospects at this point, Phillips is just taking it all in and beginning to think about his options. With offers coming in and new schools showing interest, the process of sorting through the choices is just beginning.

"I have not made my summer plans or anything. I'm just starting to think about that. Probably next month I'll start to put things together and make plans."

Shakim Phillips is in the Scout 300 and is rated as the number five wide receiver in the country.

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