Q&A: Mike Naples

With Signing Day done, Eagle Insider will be following up the 2009 class. This is the fourteenth installment of a series of Q&A sessions. This time it is Mike Naples, who took some time to talk with Eagle Insider.

EI: Which coach played the biggest part in your recruitment to BC?

MN: Coach Bill McGovern. I think he played at Bergen Catholic and knows the area pretty well. The first time I bumped into him was either my freshman or sophomore year when he was recruiting Mason Robinson, who went to my high school and ended up going to Rutgers. I bumped into him a few times, when he was recruiting Mason, in the hallways and stuff like that.

EI: What position have you been told you will be starting your BC career at?

MN: I played wide receiver in high school but they offered me a scholarship to play tight end there. They want me to put on a lot of weight and be the next tight end there.

EI: What do you check in at now?

MN: 6-4 and 225 lbs., they are looking at using me in a vertical passing game. With Ryan Purvis and all the great tight ends in the past that they've had there, it really seems like a great place to go. With the new offensive coordinator, Gary Tranquill, he is one of those guys that is a brainiac and one of the guys that you would rather have on your side than against you.

EI: How would you describe your game on the field at this point?

MN: Aggressive, non-stop motor. Every time I play until the whistle blows.

EI: What do you listen to before a football game?

MN: I try to relax before the games and try to not put any pressure on myself. I always tell myself it's just a game, you started playing football to have fun and that shouldn't change now. But I usually listen to Lil Wayne or something like that.

EI: Who was your host on your official visit?

MN: Darius Bagan, a linebacker. He is also a Jersey guy, Queen of Peace.

EI: Funniest or most memorable moment or person from official visit?

MN: I would have to say when we went out to dinner, to Joe's American Grille, it is right on the waterfront and everyone was just joking around and having fun. One of the current players ordered a lobster and had never opened up a lobster before or cracked the shell or anything like that. When he did it, it literally just splattered all over him, he had juice all over him.

EI: Have you kept in touch with any BC players or fellow commitments?

MN: Just Michael Marscovetra, he was up there on my official visit and that is how we became close. But the way Boston College recruits, is such a good way, because the kid's that they bring in are not trouble or kids that aren't qualifying to play and can't play in the games because of their academics. They're not getting in trouble with the law or anything like that. I'm sure we'll all really click once we get up there.

EI: What was the reason you chose BC, other than big time football and great academics?

MN: A lot of people talk about location, I really didn't care while I was getting recruited. Formally I was committed to East Carolina, before Boston College, and I was pretty set there. Boston College came a knocking a little bit, they were always recruiting me, and for some reason I decided to take a trip up there. I said to myself, it is ACC football and great academics. And once I was up there, I told Skip Holtz this and his staff when I was de-committing, the comfort level at BC is just unbelievable.

The kinda people that are up in Boston, it is just really awesome to me. I'm from Jersey, it's a little rough, and Boston can be a little rough too. But everyone seemed to be really open, everybody wanted to talk to me, and as soon as they hear you are a football player they wanted to know everything about you. And when we went out on the town with the current players it was great.

The other thing, which I just mentioned, was the teammates. They really all look after each other and are really a close group. There isn't one bad thing you can say about that football team when Coach Jags was there, and now Coach Spaz who is also just a tremendous guy and coach, there are never any problems there. You don't have anything to worry about, every day you are going to wake up and go to work and you're not going to have any problems.

EI: If I didn't choose BC, I would have gone to______.

MN: Probably East Carolina or Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt offered just after I committed to East Carolina.

EI: Which home-cooked meal are you going to miss the most while at college?

MN: I have a big Italian family, so I am going to have to say the pasta and meatballs, you know the spaghetti and meatballs, any kind of pasta really. My mom is a great cook, she does a lot of cooking in the house.

EI: Hottest celebrity you would like to go out with, kind of like your dream girl?

MN: Let's see here…I will have to go with Eva Longoria.

EI: When at a party, what's your best line with a girl?

MN: I really don't have any lines, maybe ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?'

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