Q&A: Conor O'Neal

With Signing Day done, Eagle Insider will be following up the 2009 class. This is the sixteenth installment of a series of Q&A sessions. This time it is Conor O'Neal, who took some time to talk with Eagle Insider.

EI: Which coach played the biggest part in your recruitment to BC?

CO: That would be Coach Day.

EI: What position have you been told you will be starting your BC career at?

CO: Defensive tackle.

EI: How would you describe your game on the field at this point?

CO: Personally I think it is underdeveloped. I just started playing football two years ago and this was the first year I played D-Line, other than that I was an offensive lineman. I haven't had the coaching or the game time experience to fully develop. I have gotten this far with the little experience and time I've had, I figure with the type of coaching I am going to get, I should do pretty well in college.

EI: What are you checking in at these days?

CO: I am 6-3 and 317 lbs.

EI: So you are college size already and don't need to worry about putting any weight on.

CO: I have had a trainer for almost two months now, working out with him.

EI: What do you listen to before a football game?

CO: I'm more of a joke guy, I really don't listen to music before football games to get pumped up. I basically walk around and mess with people. I'm not a get in the zone type person. But as soon as the ball snaps, everything gets turned on.

EI: Have you kept in touch with any BC players or fellow commitments?

CO: The guy I have talked to most recently is Thomas Claiborne.

EI: Do you feel indebted to him (Thomas Claiborne) after he ate that lobster brain to gain your commitment??

CO: (laughs) When I was up there, we were pretty cool around each other, so we made sure we got each other's numbers. We texted for a little bit and talked every now and again.

EI: Was Thomas Claiborne your host on your official visit?

CO: Yes, he was.

EI: Funniest or most memorable moment or person from official visit?

CO: It had to be the lobster brain part. Eating the lobster brain to get my commitment, that was pretty out of there, I don't know if I could say I could be brave enough to do the same for another recruit. That was really special.

EI: A few of the other guys in your class also brought up that same story for that question, but now that I am talking to you, let's have you expand on this. Was it your idea or his idea?

CO: What happened was we were at this restaurant where they serve lobster. And we kinda got bored at the table, so we started picking apart one of the heads and bodies of the lobster that you couldn't eat and we found the brain. So we started passing it around the table betting people they wouldn't eat it. We were saying anything to try and get someone to eat the lobster brains, so I picked up the lobster brains and looked at Thomas (Claiborne) and said, "If you eat this lobster brain, I'll commit right now!" Some of the coaches overheard us talking about this and they walked over and were like, "Thomas, whatever it takes man." It was really, really crazy and he ate it.

EI: Did you commit on the spot?

CO: No, not on the spot. I committed after I went home about a week later.

EI: So if Thomas Claiborne didn't eat that lobster brain would you have remained committed to Wisconsin or would you still have committed to BC??

CO: I still would have probably committed to BC. That just made everything perfect though and fall into place.

EI: If I didn't choose BC, I would have gone to______.

CO: Like you said, if I didn't chose BC it would have been Wisconsin.

EI: What was the reason you chose BC, other than big time football and great academics?

CO: It felt like a better fit there. All the players, it was like more of a family type setting. Everybody knew everybody and everybody knew what was going on. BC is a significantly smaller college than Wisconsin and everything was right there. People would just go to other player's rooms and just chill. And I didn't really feel that at Wisconsin, everyone was kinda spaced out and just doing their own thing.

EI: How did the whole coaching change influence your decision?

CO: It actually helped Boston College. Coach Spaz visited me as the defensive coordinator before he became the head coach. I knew Coach Spaz before he was the head coach and I never knew or talked to Coach Jags personally. As soon as I heard he was the head coach it was great, because I felt really comfortable with him. I felt really comfortable with everybody else…Coach Commish, Coach Day, everybody had been treating me really well. I wasn't attached to Coach Jags in any way, so it didn't hurt my decision making process.

EI: Which home-cooked meal are you going to miss the most while at college?

CO: I do most of the cooking myself, but out of anything…my mom makes this fettuccine alfredo, I could just eat mounds of the stuff.

EI: I could imagine how much of that fettuccine alfredo you could eat because your future teammate and fellow defensive tackle Bryan Davis, told me he was amazed at how much more you were able to eat than him at the dinner!

CO: (cracks up) I was up there, people were just watching me eat. They were just looking at me, like you are a big boy. Personally I didn't even think I ate that much but if everyone is saying it I guess so.

EI: Bryan Davis said you ate the biggest lobster he had ever seen in his life!

CO: A 5 pound lobster and I had a 20 ounce streak. And then there was a kicker on the trip with us (Nate Freese) who didn't finish his lobster, so I finished his lobster too. I was taking everything down. You don't get to eat lobster like that every single day, so I was taking it all in.

EI: Hottest celebrity you would like to go out with, kind of like your dream girl?

CO: Mila Kunis.

EI: When at a party, what's your best line with a girl?

CO: My best line with a girl? Dang. When I go to parties I don't really have lines to get girls, I just walk in the room and girls are saying lines to me. Everybody sees me when I walk into the room, so people come up to me not the other way around.

EI: So even better, do you have any lines that girls have used on you?

CO: Yeah, I got one, I got one. ‘The body is made of 90% water and I'm thirsty.' My girlfriend used to say that to me, we were joking around, saying stuff like that. That was one I liked a lot.

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