Spears Taking It Slow

Harold Spears is a two sport prospect that many schools are looking at for both football and basketball. He has yet to receive an offer, but many schools are keeping in touch and evaluating him for both sports.

In the recruiting game, academics can play as big of a role as athletic prowess sometimes. Harold Spears is a good example. He holds a 3.9 GPA and is also a good athlete. Consequently, many schools are looking at him for a variety of positions and both sports.

"Not much is going on with recruiting. I get letters from schools all the time, but not much is happening. Stanford and Rutgers have been sending me e-mails. I get letters from Michigan State and Syracuse. I get letters from a lot of schools."

Spears has not jumped in to the recruiting process too much at this point. He has yet to receive an offer and he is not ready to get too serious about the recruiting process at this point.

"I'm not really sure whether I'm going to play hoops or football in college. I'm taking it slow so I can see what my options are before I think too much about it."

Many prospects try to generate interest by hitting the camps and combines in order to gain interest from recruiters. Spears has yet to make any plans at this point.

"My coach is not a big fan of combines, but summer camps are a possibility. It's a little too early I think for me to make too many plans. I'm going to let things take care of themselves until summer and then see who's interested and take it from there."

Spears played tight end in for his football team as well as playing for his basketball team. He is currently being recruited for football as a tight end.

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