Busy Summer Ahead For Jeff Skoog

The man with the Mohawk is a man on a mission. Jeff Skoog has yet to land his first offer, but he is not concerned. He knows what he wants and knows what he has to do to get it. Like most big men, college recruiters are waiting to get a first hand look at him before they offer. Knowing that, Skoog is preparing to show interested colleges what he can do on the football field.

After the normal introductions, the first question asked of every recruit at this time of year is about their plans for the spring and summer. This is the time when juniors can go out to camps and visit colleges and collect offers from from their favorite programs.

"My plans for everything right now is to get be better and stronger. I just signed up with a performance training program in Massachusetts. So, I will be working with them this summer to get bigger and faster. I'm going to BC this weekend for their spring game."

Early in the process, Boston College has shown the most interest and it remains the school that is Jeff's focus at this point.

"I'm really excited about it. I'm trying to keep my options open. Honestly, I have no idea who is the coach recruiting me for BC. I'm at boarding school and everything comes to my house. I get a lot of mail from BC and they invited me to their camp. So I'm going. I get something every day from BC."

Boston College is not the only school showing interest. The mail brings plenty of things from programs around the northeast, but BC may have a small edge at this point.

"It will be my second trip to BC. I was up their for a junior day. I'm also getting interest from Connecticut and Buffalo and some other schools. I'm at school so I cannot keep up with the letters that come in at home. I know Pittsburgh wants me at their summer camp."

In addition to having a trainer for the summer. Jeff will be visiting schools and attending camps and combines over the summer.

"I'm doing the National Underclassman Camp at Tabor Academy, I think that's what it is called. This summer I'm doing the Blue Chip academy that is run by Dick Bell. I have a bunch of invites to college camps. I'm definitely doing the BC camp. Other than that I'm focused on working on my training in order to get bigger and faster. "

As far as where he projects at the next level, most schools are recruiting him for the offensive line.

"I played guard last year. They are moving me out to tackle this year. Last year we had a kid from Texas so they had me at guard, but this year I will be at tackle. I will also be playing nose tackle on defense and some d-tackle."

Looking ahead, Jeff may not be certain who will offer, but he has a clear idea of what he is looking for in a college.

"I'm very focused on the education side of things. I have a 3.2 GPA and education is what comes first. No matter where I go, it is the educational opportunities that will be the main reason I picked that school. "

Depending upon how things go in the summer, Jeff will make a decision when the time is right.

"Well, as it goes right now. I'm going to wait. But if the right thing comes along that could change things. The thing is, it is so new to me that I'm not sure what to think sometimes. But, when I start getting offers I think it will make it easier to focus and look at my options. "

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