Things Are Heating Up For Mike Pitz

Hereford High School offensive linemen Mike Pitz has received a lot of interest from college recruiters. He has played offensive tackle in high school, but is considered a guard at the college level. While he has yet to receive an offer, many schools are asking him to camp so they can get a closer look at him.

For many prospects, it is convenient to say academics are important. For Mike Pitz, it is an after thought. The reason is he has the academic side of things nailed down.

"Academics are the big thing. I have a 3.7 GPA right now and if I can combine that with football, then I can have opportunities that I may not have if it was just football or just academics."

The result is an opportunity in the Ivy League as Princeton has come on strong with an offer to play for them.

"I went up to Princeton and really liked it up there. Academics are the most important thing to me and I think you cannot go wrong with an Ivy League school."

Because of the strong interest from Princeton and the academic opportunities offered by the Ivy League, Mike is seriously thinking about going that route.

"I'm kind of leaning toward them. I like everything they offer and they have shown the most interest. I really liked what I saw and heard when I was up there. Some other schools have been asking me to camp at their school over the summer, but right now my main focus is looking at Princeton. "

Of course, it is still early. Mike has been flooded with camp offers, letters and calls from schools around the country.

"Boston College has sent me a couple of camp invites. I've received a bunch of camp invites since the winter. I'm still trying to sort it all out. I made a down payment on FBU, Football University, so I'm definitely doing that.

Like most prospects, the process can be tough to fathom. Schools send letters and send invites to their camps, but sorting it all out is not so easy.

"I've gotten so many other invites, I really need to sit down with someone and figure out where I'm going to go. I have not dropped BC or anyone, but I'm having a tough time sorting it all out at this point. It really is about who is showing the most interest at this point. The schools that are calling and inviting me to camps are the ones I'm looking at right now."

"I've been getting so much stuff. I've heard from 38 different schools. I'm trying to figure out who to see. If someone offers me, then I guess that would change things. I'm going to as many camps as I can and visit as many schools as I can. "

Of course, the recruitment of linemen often takes a different track than the recruitment of skill players. College recruiters place a high value on big men and want to make sure they are offering guys who can succeed in their program.

"I'm realistic. Big guys get offers later than guys who supposedly ran a 4.3 at a combine somewhere and then got a bunch of offers. I know that's not how it works. At least not for linemen. I figure they want to see linemen up close. The line is the most important part of the game. They want to see if I can be a guy that will work hard and fit into their system."

As far as a time table or a plan going forward, Mike is still trying to sort it all out.

"The thing is, no one really knows what you're supposed to do. So, I'm just trying to figure it out. "

Mike is still thinking through his plans for the spring and summer. He will hit as many camps and combines as time permits. When the time is right, he will make a decision.

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