Ruediger Will Camp At BC

For quarterbacks, the recruiting process is much different than it is for other players. College recruiters are not content with just video and statistics. They want to take the measure of the player in person. After all, they are not just recruiting a player; they are recruiting a future leader of their program. A good example is Virginia Beach quarterback Troy Ruediger.

Troy Ruediger out of Frank Cox High School in Virginia Beach started playing quarterback for his high school team as a sophomore. After his junior year, college recruiters began to take notice. Now, colleges are taking a serious interest and want to get a close look.

Like most quarterback prospects, recruiters want to get a closer look before they offer. That means traveling to camps and combines to audition for the schools showing interest.

"I don't have an offer yet, but hopefully soon. I've been talking with BC Coach Siravo. He talks to my coach and I've sent him film. He said I'm definitely someone they want to look at. "

"He told me if I make it up to summer camp, I can expect an offer soon. I know I will have to do well in camp. It's not like an offer is sitting there for me, but I feel pretty good about it. I've been there a couple of times. I was up for junior day. I love the school and would love to go there."

Boston College is known for producing great passers, but most high schools have gone to the spread option. That makes finding polished passers more difficult.

"We run the spread, but I'm more of a packet passer. I can run and I have no problem putting my shoulder down and hitting someone, but I think I'm at my best when I'm throwing from the pocket.

We run the spread option, but we have a bunch of packages we run out of it. So, it is not just the option and it is not just the spread. That allows me to throw a lot from the option. So, we can give the defense a lot of different looks."

In addition to Boston College, many other schools are recruiting Troy.

I'm also getting recruited by UConn, UVA, ECU and NC State. Duke and UNC are also interested."

At this stage in the process, getting out to see schools, participating in camps and talking to coaches is the priority.

"I'm just trying to let schools know who I am and what I can do. I have good grades and I'm most interested in the academic schools. I have to get out to camps and show the coaches what I can do."

Troy plans to spend his summer traveling to schools up and down the east coast, hitting as many camps as possible and seeing as many schools he can in between camps.

"I'm trying to get to as many colleges as I can. It gets expensive, but I'm definitely going up to Boston College. They have an elite quarterback camp that Coach Siravo wants me to attend. I'm also doing the Duke one day camp. Between those I will hit as many camps and schools as I can," he said

"It's funny. I was thinking about it last night. It is not too bad going out to schools and camps because I can sleep on the way and then be ready to see the schools and talk to the coaches. If you manage it right, it is a lot of fun."

As far as a time table, Troy is not in a hurry to make a decision. At this point it is more about getting to camps and visiting schools.

"I don't have any offers right now. So, I have to play it out. But, as soon as schools start offering I want to get serious about it and make a decision. "

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