Parker Welch Talks Recruiting

Parker Welch is not a household name on the recruiting trail, but that is beginning to change as schools get a chance to see the Georgia quarterback. He has yet to receive a written offer, but many schools are now asking for video and inviting him to summer camp. Boston College has joined the list of colleges looking to get an up-close look at the Georgia signal caller.

Few schools were looking at Parker Welch after his junior season. His school runs the Wing-T and that is not what will get a quarterback's name in the papers. Schools either want a pure passer or a flashy spread option player. He also plays in Wayne County, which is not exactly a a major metropolis.

"It is down in the southern part of Georgia, about an hour and a half from Savannah. "

The Georgia prospect has recently seen things change.

"I went up to Atlanta where Scout had their combine. I was also at the Under Armor combine. I guess I did really well as schools have started calling me about how I did at those combines. "

Because of his combine performance, schools are now asking Parker to come and work out at their summer camps. One of those schools is Boston College.

"I have not got an offer from BC. I get mail from them and they invited me up to their camp. They said they could not offer me until they saw me in person and saw me throw in person."

Whether or not he will make the trip up to Boston is undecided.

"We're still thinking about it. I'm going to the University of Georgia, Georgia Southern and the University of Florida for camps. As far as Boston College, we're still trying to work it in, but we're not 100% sure yet."

As far as what he is looking for in a college, Parker is focusing on the academic opportunities.

"I want a good education. I'm looking at an engineering degree. I have good grades and I want to go to a good school. Boston College is pretty high up their when it comes to academics. So, I have interest in BC. I'm not sure if I'm heading up there, but we're still working on that right now.

Of course, being from Georgia puts one program at the top.

"I've been a Georgia Bulldog fan since I could walk. So, they are my number one school. But, I want to be open minded about it. If I can get a free education and play football, I'm going to be happy wherever I play."

At this point, Parker has no time table and will spend his summer visiting schools that have shown interest.

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