Moeller QB Andrew Hendrix

Moeller High school in Cincinnati has a long history of sending players to the college ranks. One of the better prospects in years is current Moeller quarterback Andrew Hendrix. He has a long list of offers from schools all over the country. One of the schools to offer early was Boston College.

One of the fastest rising recruits in the spring has been Andrew Hendrix out of Cincinnati Moeller. The quarterback prospect has ten offers and is getting the attention of every major college football program in the country.

"Right now, it is just seeing everything and listening to who is recruiting me. I'm just going to see through the spring who is recruiting me and listening to what they have to say. Then, hopefully, I can narrow it down to a final group and focus on those schools through the summer."

For quarterbacks, the importance of narrowing down the list and getting serious is strong. Colleges want to get their quarterback locked up early. Andrew feels it and is beginning to get serious about the schools, recruiting him.

"I'm going to narrow it down after the spring. The list of final schools will be the places I'm serious about committing to and then I'll go visit those schools."

One of the first schools to offer was Boston College.

"Well, I definitely have interest in Boston College. With everyone starting to go on the road, I'm hoping to hear from them. I think one of their coaches is stopping into Moeller at some point. We have a lot of prospects here so I know a lot of coaches will be in this month."

As far as visits so far, Andrew said, "So far, I've been to Northwestern, Indiana, UC, Virginia, Vanderbilt and Tennessee."

With so many schools in the mix, the question is what will differentiate the schools that make the final list from those that will not.

"Academics is a big thing to me. I want to go to a school that takes pride in their academics and competes for championships. Any school you go to, you're going to get a great degree. The fact is, a diploma from some schools means more than from others. Certain degrees stick out on a resume while others don't. So, that's important and I'm taking that into consideration."

Boston College has already received a verbal from a quarterback in this class. For most kids, this is a deal breaker. They want to be the only quarterback in their class. Andrew has a different take.

"It's really not a big deal (another QB in the class). At big time programs you have to compete. There's going to be competition no matter what. Whether it is a class before you, your class or the class behind you, you have to compete.

"I'd rather have another QB in my class. That way we start from the same spot. If you go to a school and there's a guy ahead of you, he's already been through it for a year. So, it is going to be harder to compete with that guy than a guy who is in your own class.

"I think it is better to to go into a situation where your fighting with a guy in your class for a job than fighting with a sophomore for that job."

For those too young to remember, Moeller High School has a long history of sending guys to the college ranks. It has not been the case recently, but things have started to turn.

"Moeller is a good high school. Back in the 80's it was the glory days, but we think we can bring those days back. We had five state championships and four mythical national championships. They may have been mythical, but they are counted as national championships. So, we're trying to get back to that."

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