Vogler Talks Summer Plans

Brian Vogler may be one of the most recruited tight ends in the 2010 recruiting class. He currently has offers from most of the SEC and is expecting more as the may evaluation period begins. The one school that stands out from the rest, geographically, is Boston College. The Eagle were in with an early offer and remain on his list of schools.

With the May evaluation period under way, coaches are able to get out and meet with prospects at their schools. This often results in a flood of new offers. It is also when prospects begin to narrow their choices down to a manageable number so they can visit their favorites over the summer. Brian Vogler is just beginning that process now.

"BC is recruiting me. They offered me. I'm still looking at a bunch of schools. I know a lot of schools have offered. Honestly, I really don't know much about any of the schools that are recruiting me. So, I'm just starting to think about the offers at this point.

"I'm still trying to figure out how many schools I can see. I hope I can see all of them, but I will have to narrow it down probably. I figure I will be taking a lot of road trips. It's looking like a cross country trip. You really don't know a school until you go a visit it."

Despite not having a favorites list at this point, Vogler has put some thought into what he is looking for in a college. "Principally, academics will be the first thing. It has been a big part of my life. I would not be at the school I'm at now if not for academics. I earned an academic scholarship to go here. It is one of the most prestigious academic scholarships the school offers. So, academics will play a big role.

"Also, I have to have a good relationship with the coaches. If you don't like your coach, you're not going to want to be there. I think I also need to be somewhere where I can feel at home. As far as football, I want to play in a pro-style offense. I don't want to just block. I want to be a part of the passing game too. I don't want to be strictly a blocker or strictly a receiver. I want to do both."

Living in Georgia and having every SEC school recruiting him, it would follow that he is looking at schools in the south east. Vogler is not originally from Georgia and has moved around a bit in his life. So, location is not a big concern.

"I've lived in a bunch of different places. My dad is in the insurance business. I've lived in Plano Texas, Tampa, St. Louis and now I'm in Georgia. I don't think the city or town will play much of a role. Big cities, small towns, they're all pretty much the same to me."

At 6'8" and close to 250 pounds, Vogler plays tight end for his high school. As far as at the next level, he said, "Pretty much everyone thinks I'm going to be a tight end in college. I want to play tight end so it is good."

Vogler has yet to settle on a summer plan. He is in track this spring, participating in the discus and the shot put. Once the school year ends, he will begin taking college visits and start to narrow down his list of schools.

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