Betancourt Commits To Eagles

Boston College got a big addition to the 2010 recruiting class when four-star offensive tackle Seth Betancourt made a verbal pledge on Thursday. The 6'8" tackle from St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia becomes the third member of the BC recruiting class, joining Joe Boisture and Kevin Pierre-Louis.

The newest addition to the 2010 Boston College recruiting class is also the biggest. Seth Betancourt is a 6'8" offensive tackle from Philadelphia and now he is an Eagle. He made it official at a press conference at his school, St. Joseph's Prep.

"I had a great time. I had my family there and everyone from the school supporting me. It was a really special. It meant a lot to me with everybody being there."

The official announcement was Thursday, but the decision was made the prior Sunday.

"I made up my mind on Sunday. I called my coach, Coach Brooks, and told him I was ready to make a decision. He said to go ahead and tell the coaches. So, I called the BC coaches and told them I was ready to commit."

One guy who is jumping for joy right now is Joe Boisture, the Michigan QB, who started things off by committing to BC in March. When asked about it, Seth said, "Boisture, the quarterback. Yeah, I guess he is excited. The coaches told me he was excited to start talking to me. I signed up for Face Book and his page today. I'm looking forward to talking to him."

Even though the decision was made on Sunday, there was some drama leading up to the official announcement.

"Wednesday five coaches showed up at the school. Coach Brooks called me Tuesday night and said Addazio from Florida heard I was about to commit and was flying up that night to see me. He said he would be at my school in the morning. I couldn't believe it.

"All the coaches came in on Wednesday telling how I needed to wait. It was a lot of pressure, but I knew where I wanted to be so I was not changing my mind. "

The recruiting process was quick as Boston College was one of the first schools to offer.

"Coach Comissiong was originally recruiting me. Then coach Dawson took over and was my primary recruiter. The first visit I went with my parents. The second visit, I brought my parents, my sister and my girlfriend up.

"BC made feel right at home. I'm at a Jesuit school now and BC is a lot like my high school. They have the same approach and hold the same ideals. That was important to me. That's what I liked about Boston College. There's a feeling of brotherhood at a Jesuit school that you cannot find anywhere else."

The crush of last minute visitors is probably not the end of it. Many coaches continue to call a prospect after he has committed. Many simply will not take no for an answer. Seth understands it and has already experienced a little of it. He is ready for the calls, even though he is firm in his commitment to Boston College.

"I'm not going to be rude to anyone. I'm just going to tell them that I made my decision and I'm going to BC so they can stop calling. If they keep calling then I guess I'll just tell them I'm not interested and I'm not going to play football for them. I hope that works so I can just focus on my season."

Looking ahead to college, Seth has not settled on a major, but he has a few things in mind.

"I'm looking at kinesiology or psychology. If one is not available them I'll look at what else is available. I have a lot of things I'm interested in and want to see what my options are at BC. It's Boston College so I know I'll have a lot of good options."

Now that the decision has been made, Seth is looking to get back to working on his game in preparation for next season.

"It has been crazy and a lot of stress, but it feels great right now. It has really paid off. I found the school that is the best choice for me. I can improve on everything. No one is the best. I focus on every aspect of my game so I can keep improving. If I can keep getting stronger and faster, that will help too. So now that the decision is out of the way, I can get back to work."

One Final Quote

"I started playing soccer as a kid because I was too big for the weight classes in football. They would not let me play with the older kids. Finally, I got a chance to play. In my seventh grade year I got beat up by everyone. I said that was not going to happen again. So, I came back in my eight grade year and said no one was hitting me, I was hitting them."

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