Williams Visits Boston College

Eric Williams is a big, physical wide receiver from Pennsylvania that is getting a lot of interest from schools around the country. He has an offer from Akron and is looking forward to seeing coaches come to his school during the May recruiting period.

Boston College invited a number of players to their spring game to visit the campus and meet with the coaches. One of those players was Eric Williams, a wide out from Pennsbury High School in Pennsylvania.

"I loved the campus. I felt comfortable with it. Everything felt like I belonged. With the coaches and the players and the campus, everything felt like I should be there.

"We did a walking a tour, saw the stadium, the halls and then we watched the game. Right after I had to leave as it is a six hour drive back to PA."

A visit during spring usually indicates strong interest from a prospect. Williams is no exception. He has been looking at Boston College as one of initial favorites for some time.

I do have interest in BC. Nothing much is hanging right now, but I'm certainly interested in BC. I have not talked to the coaches recently, but I met everyone when I was up at the spring game. It was amazing. I loved it."

The lack of offers will likely change soon. May is the time for the coaches to get out to visit prospective recruits at their schools. This is where game tapes and transcripts are exchanged, which often leads to written offers. Williams is expecting a number of coaches in this month, including coaches from Boston College.

"They said they will be in this week maybe or possibly next week. They told me they would definitely be in to see me. I'm being recruited by Coach Dawson. I like him a lot. He is a cool guy."

Williams is an intriguing prospect that can play a variety of positions at the next level. He is a wide out for his high school team primarily, but could also play defensive back in college.

"I think most colleges are looking at me as a wide receiver or maybe a safety. I ran a 4.5 at the combine, but that was a little slow for me. That was not my usual number. I have not practiced the forty much. So, my steps were wrong and I did not do as well as I could have. In my mind, I know I can do better. But, forty times are not what's important. Football times are what's important."

Like most kids looking at the academic schools, Williams is looking hard at the academic side of the process.

"Academics are something I'm looking at. The graduation rate is important. If I go to a school, I want to know how many guys actually graduate from that school. Not just the students, but the guys who play football. I also want to know how the school does with guys in my major. I want to major in engineering. "

Despite the strong interest in Boston College, Williams is still keeping an open mind. Once schools begin to offer he can then evaluate each school and program. But, Boston College is one program very high on his list at this point.

"If BC were to offer, I'd seriously consider them. I think I need to keep my options open. When I went up there I really liked the campus and the coaching staff. If they offer it would be hard not to say yes but I think I should give myself the chance to see what else is out there for me. "

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