Brandon Vitabile Getting Popular

A new name on the recruiting scene for Boston College fans is Brandon Vitabile. The 6'3" center from Edison New Jersey has seen his stock rise as schools have had a chance to evaluate his game film. Schools from around the country have come in to get a closer look and evaluate the O-Line prospect, including Boston College.

The position of center is often underrated by recruiting guys, but it is one of the most important position on the field. Recruiting the center position is not always easy. In most case, colleges bring in a guard who eventually becomes a center. There are exceptions and Brandon Vitabile is one of them.

The 6'3" prospect from Edison New Jersey has suddenly found a long list of coaches showing up at his school looking for game tape and asking to speak with him. Brandon currently has one offer, Syracuse, but is getting interest from schools around the country.

"I don't know who is really interested in me at this point. I've had all these coaches calling and coming to my school. They all say they like me, but they want to talk it over with the head coach or the line coach," Brandon said.

His father, who has fielded most of the calls from recruiters is keeping a list of the schools interested in his son.

"He has a whole bunch of schools that have been talking to him. I've been writing them down for a while now. I can give you the list but it is getting pretty long. It is pretty exciting for him. The coaches are all talking about offering him. It's all very surprising and exciting."

So far, a few schools stand out.

"Purdue, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Maryland and Boston College are the ones talking to me the most. I play center and defensive tackle, but colleges are looking at me as a center. So, I think I'm going to be a center in college."

The flood of interest has yielded just one offer, but that is expected to change over the summer.

"Syracuse offered me when I went up their on April 18th. A lot of schools are saying they will be offering. At this point I'm taking it all in and looking at everyone. I think once schools start to offer then I can start to narrow things down in the summer. "

One of the reasons for the attention is Brandon's performance in the classroom. College programs are always looking for good students who are also good athletes.

"I have a 4.4 GPA on a 4.0 scale. I've been in all honors classes since my freshman year. Those are weighted more than regular classes. None of the schools that are looking at me are bad schools. So, I have some great choices. But, academics are going to be important. I'm also interested in playing high level football. "

This summer Brandon plans to visit the schools interested in him and begin the process of narrowing his choices.

"I'm not thinking too much about summer camps. The schools that have offered me and are thinking about offering me want me to come in for a visit over the summer. So, I plan to see those schools. Now, the schools that offer obviously come first.

"I went to Rutgers junior day and it was OK. I don't think I'll be going back there. I was up at Connecticut and I've been to Maryland. I have not planned out my summer plans, but I will be hitting as many schools as possible. "

Coach Dawson is recruiting Brandon for Boston College

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