Eagles Offer Kevin Noreen

The hope for every college basketball coach is to get the hard working big man that has a complete game. That's the guy that can carry a team to a conference title and deep into the NCAA tournament. Minneapolis power forward Kevin Noreen is one of those guys college coaches hope they can get into their program.

For Boston College fans, Kevin Noreen is a name out of the blue. For fans of prep basketball in Minnesota, he is a guy everyone knows is going to be an impact player at a high major. College recruiters started to take notice and the offers have followed.

His AAU coach knows a thing or two about evaluating talent as he has been a highly successful coach in the state of Minnesota for years. He coached Khalid Al-Amin and won several state title at the high school ranks.

"BC wants him and they want him bad. The coaches called me and were asking me what it will take to get him. They want him and they want him to commit as soon as possible. I couldn't believe it. The kid does everything well. He shoots well, posts up, rebounds, put backs. You name it.

He is a great kid and great student. He does everything well. He is a great kid, the kind of kid everyone should want."

As far as Kevin's game, Coach Robertson said, "He comes to work every day. He brings his lunch pail and gets the job done. He's not going to try and dunk on anybody or make a big show of it. He's not a guy to talk a lot on the court. He just does whatever it takes to win."

Coach Robertson continued, " Coach Skinner compared him to Jared Dudley, a guy who just out works everyone. That's Kevin. You put a little guy on him and he will post him up. Leave him alone and he will hit a three. Put a big guy on him and he will go around him.

There's a kid that is considered the best guy in the state and we put Kevin on him and he held him to zero. The kid is a big time player and can shoot from everywhere in the court and Kevin just shut him down."

The offer from Boston College and the strong interest from Coach Skinner has put the Eagles high on Noreen's list of schools. Kevin had a chance to visit Boston College last week to meet the coaches and get a better feel for the campus.

"I loved it at BC. It is something I need to think about real hard before I commit there. I know it is great fit. They are really trying to get me to commit. The thing now is to look at the other schools that are recruiting me and make sure I know everything about them too."

BC did not just stumble upon Kevin Noreen by accident. They have bee watching him since his sophomore season.

"They saw me last year at an AAU showcase and it was not too formal at that point. They started talking to my coaches, but nothing too serious. Things started to pickup after they saw my highlight tape. "

The visit to Boston College came after Coach Skinner extended an offer and made it clear they were very serious in their interest. That lead to a visit to the Heights last week.

"I did a little of everything. I got to see the campus and tour the city. I got some great food. I also spent time with the coaches and the players. I got to go to classes, meet with the admissions people and play with the players. It was a lot of fun. I liked Boston too. It was great place. They let me know they want me. They said I'm their number one guy and their top priority."

In case anyone is wondering, the rumor is true. While working out Kevin broke a backboard on a dunk.

"Yes, I broke a backboard during my visit. I was just glad they did not ask me to pay for it. It just sort of happened, but it was something that everyone was talking about."

As far as his interest in Boston College and his college choices, Kevin is still looking at his options.

"BC is a great school. It is both the academics and the tradition. They say at BC I could be the next Jared Dudley and that's a great honor to be compared to him. Academics is definitely a part of the equation. Boston College is a great school. I want to major in business and BC is a top ten business school. So, that definitely plays a part.

Also, the ACC is the best conference in the country. To play that level of competition, Duke, North Carolina, would be an honor and a great challenge. Everyone can beat anyone, just like when Boston College took down North Carolina last year."

Even though the Boston College coaches would love an early commitment, Kevin is still considering his options. He has a growing list of offers and wants to look at all of the schools interested in him.

"My plan right now is to make a decision some time in July. I want to look at everyone and make sure I know something about all the schools offering me."

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