Things Heating Up For Odom

Class of 2010 wing Rod Odom is a top target for the Boston College coaching staff. His size and versatility are a natural fit for the ACC and the Eagle's system. Early in the recruiting process he flew under the radar, but that has changed this spring and he has seen his recruiting pick up considerably.

Perhaps the top target for Coach Al Skinner in this recruiting class is 6'8" wing Rod Odom. The Eagles were one of the first to offer and remain in regular contact with the talented forward.

"I did get to a BC game in the season. They stay in regular contact and I just talked with them recently. They are definitely interested and I'm interested in them."

With four scholarship spots open in this class, Boston College is looking for a combination of players to become the core of their team after the 2011 season. Odom projects at a number of position at the next level, but BC has targeted him as their small forward in this class.

"BC is looking at me as a small forward. I play just about every position right now. It depends on the match up. If I'm up against a smaller player I'll take him inside. If I'm against a bigger guy then I'll stretch him out and force him to come outside. That works to my advantage and allows me to do a lot of things on the floor. I have long arms. The way they measure it, I'm at 7'1 or 7'2". That allows to me to play good defense no matter who I'm matched up against."

Boston College is not the only school showing strong interest in Odom. Schools from around the country have been scouting him and many have extended offers.

"Stanford, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma State and Georgia Tech have started recruiting me. At this point I'm pretty much wide open right now. I'm listening to everyone, including the schools that have offered."

The offer list has grown since we last caught up with Rod. In January he had West Virginia, Boston College and Seton Hall. That list has grown.

"I have some new offers. Stanford offered. Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State and Providence have also offered. I think there is one other but I cannot remember who it is right now."

With a growing list of offers, this summer will be about narrowing down the options and taking a more detailed look at each school.

"I will be visiting Stanford over the summer and possibly Florida. I'm not sure about the rest right now, but I'm still working on it."

Often in basketball, the league plays a big role in the college decision. Top players want to play against top talent. They also want to play in a league that closely matches their style. Rod has not looked at this too much, but will be taking that into consideration at some point.

"I'm not in a position to make that call. I think that's something I'll look at at when I get ready to make my decision. I have not focused too much on the league's, but I will as I get closer to making a decision."

Rod is a top student and the quality of education will play a major role in his decision.

"For me the educational opportunities will play the biggest role. At the end of the day I want to look at one Ivy league school. It is between Harvard, Princeton and Columbia. Then it will be the other schools, but academics will be a factor there as well."

At this point Rod is not ready to name favorites or even a favorites list. He will take time over the summer to look at his options and then focus on his list of favorites. Unlike most high school students, his summer will not include any time off.

"For me, I don't take vacations. It is all business. I have school and when that's done then it is getting in the gym and working on my game. I'm pretty sure I will know by November where I'm going to school. So, that will something else I'll work on over the summer."

Rod will spend the majority of the summer working with legendary trainer Jerry Powell at his camp in New York.

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