Busy Summer For James White

St. Thomas Aquinas star tailback, James White, has been fielding offers throughout the spring. The talented running back has over a dozen offers the list continues to grow. Now begins the process of visiting colleges, sorting through the information offered by coaches and establishing his criteria for selecting a college.

The last time we caught up with James White, he was preparing to visit a number of colleges, including Boston College.

"We did not make it up to Boston College, said Tyrone White, James' father. "We made a mistake on when James would be finished with school. So, we rescheduled for June. We are going up there on June 8th."

That does not mean they have been unable to get out to some colleges during the spring.

"We have been to a couple of places. We've been to Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, South Florida and Gainesville for their spring game. So, we have been to a few places. We did Iowa and Wisconsin together. Michigan State was a separate trip."

That is a good start to the evaluation process, but the summer will be much busier according the Mr. White. He and his son will be on the road much of the summer looking at colleges.

"We have the whole summer planned out. While in the New England area we will go to Boston College, Syracuse, Rutgers, UConn. It will be one very busy week. After that we will come back and then hit the Carolinas and Virginia.

"We're trying to get an early start at looking at schools. The idea is to get a look at the schools without football. I want him to see the school, the campus and the community around the school. That way he can get a clear look at what it will be like to live there for four years. "

The whole purpose of this is for James to get a good look at as many schools as possible before beginning to narrow down his options. One school he is looking forward to visiting is Boston College.

"We're going up to Boston College on June 8th," said James. "My parents got the dates wrong on when my school year ends. They thought my school ended earlier. But, it ends June 2nd. So, we are heading up there on the eighth of June.

"On our trip up to New England we're going to a lot of schools. I don't know what to expect, but I just want to see what they have to offer. At this point I want to take it all in and see what everyone has to offer.

"I have an aunt up in Attleboro. My cousin is graduating. So, we are going up to see her graduate and see some colleges. I've been up there before, but never in the winter. So, I guess it was good that our trip was delayed. The weather should be really nice. "

Having made some visits, James is beginning to get a better perspective on the schools that have offered him a scholarship. Seeing the schools and the surrounding areas makes a big impact on prospective students.

"I have been up to Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan State. Iowa and Wisconsin are very different than anything around here. Both are out in the country. There was not a bunch of corn fields, which is what I expected. Iowa has like a downtown area that was very nice. It really changed my perspective of them. Wisconsin was a really big campus, almost a whole city by itself. Michigan State was very nice. I liked the campus a lot. It is big too, like Wisconsin."

Closer to home, James has been to South Florida and Florida for visits.

"I did go to UF for their spring game, but they have not shown too much interest. I talk to the coaches once in a while. They have a good thing going on there with winning national championships. So, it is natural to have some interest in them.

"I also went to USF. I did not get a chance to see the whole campus. Coach Leavitt is a very nice guy, a real down to earth guy. I really liked him. He was great on my visit and showed me a good time. "

As far as what he is looking for in a college, a few things have been settled.

"I am looking for a school that I can get a good education. I want to major in accounting. So, I'm looking at the accounting majors at each school. For football, I'm looking for a pro-style offense. A lot of schools are running the spread offense and the quarterback does most of the running with the ball. That's not my style. I want to be in a pro-style system. "

With such a busy summer ahead and so many schools offering scholarships, James is not ready to think about favorites or even when he will be ready to narrow his list. In addition to the tour of the Northeast, James and his father will be hitting schools in Virginia and North Carolina this summer. Virginia, NC State and Wake Forest are scheduled. They may add others if time permits.

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