Eagles Offer Jersey End

Barnegat High School athlete Jarrett Darmstatter has been picking up offers throughout the spring. By the end of May, he was up to ten offers from major college programs. Last week, Boston College offered bringing his total to eleven.

The focus of the 2010 recruiting class for Boston College is the big guys on both sides of the line. The Eagles expect to take a full compliment of linemen this year, including at least one tight end. Finding players that can fill multiple roles along the line is important when taking a big class.

One example is Jarrett Darmstatter. At 6'4" and 240, he projects at a number of position in college. He plays tight end in high school, but could easily become a defensive end or even a defensive tackle. The colleges recruiting him have mentioned both positions.

"I'm a TE for my school. This year they want me to play DE too. I'm not sure if I will be doing both or just defensive end. All the schools recruiting me think one or the other. Some say tight end, others defensive end."

The most recent offer comes from Boston College, who is recruiting Jarrett as an athlete and will decide on position at a later date.

"They offered me last Thursday. Thursday night. They were into my school twice this month. Coach Dawson was in talking with my coach and met with me. They have not decided if they want me as a TE or a DE. They are still thinking about where I fit best. I don't have a preference. At my size I can play either spot. "

Often the start of summer is when prospects begin to narrow down their list of options and formulate a list of favorites. With so many offers coming in late spring, Jarrett has yet to reach that point.

"I think I'm up to eleven offers now. I'm still wide open at this point. It has happened quickly with all the schools coming in this month. So, I have not thought too much about favorites or anything like that."

BC is a little late to the process and will have some work to do to make the next cut. Jarrett has not had a lot of contact with the coaches and has yet to visit campus.

"I have not been up to BC yet. I have to sit down with my parents and decide which schools I should visit. I'm still working that out. I have the summer to sort through all the schools, visit those that have offered and then get serious about a list of favorites."

The initial criteria for evaluating colleges is straight forward at this point.

"Academics and the coaching staff are the two things that I'm looking at right now. I don't have a major in mind or anything like that. It is more the reputation of the school. I also want to feel good about the coaches."

Jarrett expects to visit as many schools as he can over the summer before establishing a list of favorites. No time table established for making a decision or announcing a favorites list.

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