Local Lineman Camping At BC

The last time Kimball Union Academy was mentioned in recruiting circles was when defensive end Kasim Edebali committed to Boston College. This year, they have another prospect that is getting interest from major colleges. Gustavo Cruz is a linemen drawing interest from schools around the Northeast.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Gustavo Cruz is now living in New Hampshire, playing football for Kimball Union. His teammate from last season is now preparing to join the Boston College program as a defensive end. Gustavo is now starting the process of evaluating colleges and competing in summer camps with the hope of perhaps joining his former teammate at The Heights.

"I'm Dominican. My family moved here when I was 11. I go to Kimball Union Academy. I'm good friends with Kasim Edebali. He's going to BC. I'm hoping to see him at camp. The new guys are getting situated this month at BC. I'll be at the BC camp for the first session so I hope to catch up with him while I'm there."

As far as his recruiting, it is just starting to pick up now that the summer is here and he can begin to attend camps.

"My summer is starting off now that I'm done with school. I have not done any of the combines, but I'm getting ready to do some summer camps at the schools recruiting me. I'm hearing from UConn, Boston College, UNH and Syracuse. Some others have also been calling. Maryland has been talking to my coach."

Gustavo is a lineman for his high school team. He plays both sides of the ball, but schools are looking at him as an offensive lineman at the next level.

"I play offensive line and defensive line. Schools are recruiting me for the offensive line. I weigh 260 and I'm 6'4". So far everyone says I will be an offensive lineman in college."

Currently he has no offers, but several schools are very interested and want him in camp for an evaluation.

"I don't have any offers, but the coaches are staying in touch and asking me to come to camp. UNH wants me to their camp, but my coach said I should go to other camps. I'm doing one day at UConn and the BC camp. I'd like to get down to Maryland too, if I have time."

Regarding Boston College, they are one of his early favorites.

"Coach Devine is the coach from BC that is talking to me. He knows me from UNH. One of the coaches there knows him and that's how he found out about me. He started calling and wanting to know more about me. He's the one who wants me at camp.

"I'm hoping to get an offer, but I have to go there and workout and do well. He said if I do I have a good chance to get an offer from them. So, that's what I'm going to do."

Gustavo will camp at BC during the first session and then head to Connecticut for at least one day. If he can make the trip, he will also head to Syracuse and Maryland for one day camps.

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