Florida Athlete Hearing From BC

Florida is known as a hot bed for college football talent, but they have their under the radar guys too. One example is Mario Chavez. The 5'8" athlete has not received the interest of big name players from the Sunshine State, but many colleges are keeping an eye on him.

Colleges from around the country come to Florida hoping to mine the state for talent. Everyone hears about the big name guys with the SEC offers, but there are literally hundreds of players that get recruited every year that fly under the radar.

Mario Chavez is one such example. The 5'8" athlete plays wide receiver and corner back for Fort Pierce Central. He has yet to receive his first offers, but many schools have been into scout him during May.

"I've been hearing from a bunch of schools. I have not been too involved with the recruiting stuff just yet. Miami of Ohio and Boston College are two that have been in recently. So, they are fresh in my mind. Boston College was in to watch our practice."

At his size, there are only a few places he fits in at the next level. Receiver and cornerback are the obvious places. He can also play running back and return kicks.

"Schools are looking at me as wide receiver and as a cornerback. I don't have a preference. I just want to play big time football. So, wherever that means I play is fine with me."

With a limited amount of time this summer, Mario will try and get to some summer camps and work out for schools showing him interest.

"I'm going to the UCF camp this summer. I'm also heading up to Virginia for camp. I have some others I'm looking at, but I have not decided on anything else."

As far as what he needs to do in order to get an offer, schools have been quite clear in what they want to see.

"Schools tell me that I have to get a little bigger and work on some things to take advantage of my speed in order to get an offer. They all say they will watch me in the fall and keep tabs on me. I'm going to have to work hard to do the things they want to see from me so I can earn a scholarship."

The bulk of his summer will be about football, specifically working with his high school team.

"My spring ball just ended. We start up again on the 15th of this month with summer practice. It is football all the time down here in Florida."

As far as where he would like to play his college ball, he has not made any decisions.

"As of right now, I'm not too worried about where I go to school. I guess I'd like to stay close to home, but it depends where I can get to play big time football. "

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