Six Offers For Kimble

Talented Florida running back Tajh Kimble has seen his recruiting pick up over the spring. The 5'11" back from Fernandina Beach high school in Florida is an interesting combination of power and speed at the position. Schools have noticed and the offers have started to come in for him.

Schools looking for a power back with the ability to make moves in the open field can do a lot worse than Tahj Kimble. The Florida back is a big guy with the ability to run through defenders, but also has the ability to make defenders miss in the open field.

"I more of make 'em miss sort of guy. People see that I'm kind of big and they assume I just run people over, but I have good feet and and have good quick moves. So, I try to make defenders miss on the first cut. But, I can run guys over too. So, I'm more a juking kind of back, even though I'm kind of big."

Since the spring, the interest from colleges has picked up with six schools extending offers. Others have been actively showing interest and plan to evaluate Tahj through the summer.

"I'm have six offers right now. Boston College, Indiana, Middle Tennessee State, Purdue, Buffalo and Tulane. A few other schools were in during May to see me and let me know they are interested. Georgia Tech, Clemson, Florida State, Iowa State and some others. I also get a lot of letters from schools."

At his size, he could be a fullback, H-back or running back in college.

"Everyone is recruiting me as a running back. I've gotten bigger over the last year. I played at 185 in my sophomore year. Last year I was at 192 for most of the year. I was at a camp and weighed in at 196. Everyone says I should be a running back in college."

With the increased interest, the process of evaluating schools can begin in earnest.

"I have not made any visits yet. I'm trying to get up to Boston College and I want to get to Indiana and Purdue. It is a little hard to get away to visit some of these places. They are far away and that makes it a little tough to just pick up and go see them.

"I'm thinking I can maybe take some unofficial visits to the schools interested that have not offered and then use my official visits to the schools that have offered. I think my dad would like if it the school picked up the tab for some of these trips."

As far as what he is looking for in college, two things are important. Academics and how teams plan to use him as a running back.

"Academics is the most important thing. I have good grades and take school seriously. A lot of guys don't care about that part of it, but you cannot do anything in life without an education. I'm looking at schools where I know I can get a diploma.

"When I got my offer from Boston College, for instance, I looked them up and saw they were number three in the country for graduation rates. That really got my attention because that's what I'm looking for in a school."

With Boston College one of the first offers and in to see him during May, he has had a chance to get to know the coaches. So far, he likes what they have to say.

"I talked to the coaches at Boston College and they said they understood that I was not just a guy who runs people over. They liked that. They also said they liked the idea I could run people over and told them not to worry. I can run people over too."

At this point, his plans for visiting colleges are not set. Tahj will take some unofficial visits to local schools and then plan on official visits in the fall.

"I have to get to some schools in the summer. Purdue and Indiana want me to come up for some games. I want to get up to Boston College. I have to talk to my dad about how and when I'm going to do it. I'm thinking I'll use my official visits to get to the schools that have offered me and I'm interested in seeing."

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