Eagles Offer Tyler Harris

Boston College has hit the Nutmeg State hard this year, offering many of the state's top prospects. Another name added to the list is linebacker Tyler Harris. The Kent school product has an offer from the Eagles and been on campus twice this spring.

Recruiting started off a little slow for Tyler Harris. The 6'2" 210 pound linebacker has just two offers at this point, but several schools are showing interest. Boston College and Temple have offered and Maryland, Rutgers and Connecticut are showing strong interest.

"Right now, I am going to the Maryland camp. I have an offer from Boston College and Temple. With school, I have not had a chance to do much as far as recruiting. Coaches have called and come into to see me. But, I have not done too many visits."

"Coach Siravo has been talking to me. I've been to BC twice. I was going to try and go to the BC camp, but the cost of it is a problem. The tuition at my school is pretty expensive. So, spending the money for camps is a little tough. Plus, I'm getting a summer job to make some money. I'm working on that right now. I start next week."

Unlike a lot of prospects, Tyler will not be spending the summer going to camps and showing off at combines. To make some extra money he will be working through the summer and that leaves little time to attend camps or combines.

"I don't mind it. Since going to the Kent School I've seen so many things, so many opportunities come my way. It has really been worth it. I don't mind making sacrifices because it has been great for me.

"I have a summer job. I'm working at a camp for kids. That's a full-time job. So, I will not have a lot of time to get to schools for visits. I'm not sure how I'll squeeze it in, but I'll have to do it. I think I'll do some visits in the fall, maybe take some official visits. On the other hand, I may get it over with in the summer if it works out for me."

As far as his thoughts on selecting a college, Tyler has begun to think about the things that are important to him.

"The thing for me is the education. The degree, getting a diploma is important. I'm also looking at a specific major. I want to do something in forensics. So, the schools that offer things that are in the field are the schools I will look at first.

"Also, the atmosphere and how comfortable I feel at the school. I want to see what the school offers me as far as the overall experience. It is not just the major. I want to have a chance to experience new things in college.

"Then when it comes to football, I want to hear how the coaches plan to use me and how they do things on defense."

On the football side, colleges are recruiting Tyler as a linebacker, but he could also grow into a defensive end.

"I'm a linebacker. Colleges are all looking at me as a linebacker. Right now I play inside and outside. I even play some safety. I'm good in space and have good speed. So, I can do a lot of different things on the defense. My primary position is linebacker, which where I hope to play in college.

"In my sophomore year, I was outside and at safety. In my junior year I was inside. Then when I went to Kent, I repeated my junior year and I played both inside and outside.

"That's the thing. I have had a personal trainer since my freshman year. I can definitely carry more weight. I have some room to fill out. Plus, my dad played ball at 6'5" and over 300 pounds. He was a defensive lineman. So, I could possible even grow an inch or two.

"The thing I'm working on is to fill out the right way. I don't want to just gain a bunch of weight. I want to be a linebacker, but I guess I could even move to defensive end. I'd rather play linebacker because I do well in coverage and have good speed. But, if I grow into a defensive end, then that's where I'll play."

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