Simmons Ready To Narrow List

Originally from Louisiana, Andre Simmons now lives in Lorton, Virginia, where he plays safety for South County School. The 6'1" safety has emerged as one of the top defensive backs in the Mid-Atlantic. With eight offers from BCS caliber colleges, Simmons is wrapping up his initial evaluation of colleges and is ready to narrow his list.

For college programs running zone defenses, getting top-flight safeties is the key to success. Most teams using zone coverage count on their safeties to do a bunch of things in the defense. They have to cover receivers over the top, but also come up and provide run support. Safety play is the key to the success of the defense.

Virginia prospect Andre Simmons has attracted interest from schools around the country because he fits that definition of a college safety. At 6'1" and 195 he has the size to play both safety positions and maybe even outside linebacker. With 4.5 speed, he can be counted on to cover elite college receivers one-on-one or in zone coverage.

"I'm 6'1" 195 and I run a 4.5 forty. I play free safety for my high school team. I can cover guys one-on-one and come up to stop the run. All of the schools recruiting me think I will play safety in college."

The list of schools recruiting Andre is long and impressive.

"I have offers from Boston College, Rutgers, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Northwestern. Everyone is recruiting me as a safety. I've visited every school except West Virginia and Rutgers. I'm leaving now to visit West Virginia and then visit Rutgers next week, I think."

One of the schools showing strong interest is Boston College.

"Coach Siravo is recruiting me for BC. I like Boston College. I know they have been successful and they have been to a lot of ACC championships. I think it would be a great opportunity for me at a school like Boston College."

With so many top programs offering, narrowing down the list to something manageable is the next challenge.

"When it comes to football, the things I look at are how successful they are and how comfortable I am with the coaches. The other thing is the depth chart. I'm not afraid to compete, but I don't want to go somewhere where there are ten guys at my spot. No matter how good you are you can get lost in the shuffle if there are too many guys at your position. So, I just want to see that I have a chance to compete for time.

"Football is not going to last forever. The schools that I'm looking at offer a great education. That's important to me and it is important to my family. So, that's why I'm those schools."

With just a few visits left, the time to cut down the list is approaching.

"I'm trying to narrow it down, but I have a couple of visits left. Once we get back I'm going to sit down with my parents and go through the pros and cons of each school and see which ones have the most to offer me. I'm trying to decide before the fall. I think I will cut it down to a few that I'm really interested in and then just look at those schools. I'd like to decide before the season, I think."

In addition to football, Andre runs track. He missed this spring due to college visits, but is back running track in the summer.

"I work out with the track team. Because of visiting colleges, I could not be a full-tile member of the track team. But, I'm working out with our summer team and running track with them."

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