Camp Journal: Kofi Hughes

For most college prospects, the summer after their junior year is the busiest time of their life. Getting scholarship offers starts with getting the attention of recruiters. That means hitting as many camps and combines as possible. Kofil Hughes is a good example. He has spent the better part of the summer auditioning for college programs.

After traveling around the country attending college football camps, Kofi Hughes is understandably tired. He and his family hit nine different camps in less than a month. Now that that is wrapped up, he updated us on where things stand with his recruitment.

Boston College

"I went to Boston College and that was a really good camp. That is one of the ones I'm excited about. It is one of the schools interested in me as a quarterback. We went up there and I got to work out with the Jets quarterback coach. That was really, really cool. I had a great time and like the coaches there."


"Michigan was a great camp. They have a lot of quarterback commits. They said they are still trying to figure out what they are doing at that position. I know they have a bunch of guys committed that they want at quarterback.

"When I got there they started me out at quarterback. I did not like it. I did not think I had much of a shot to play quarterback for them with all the commits. So, I asked to try wide out. They worked me at at that spot. I stuck out like a sore thumb and things really started clicking.

"I know I could run that offense, but they are pretty deep at quarterback. The coach told me that they have not found that one guy yet which is why they are looking at a lot of people. They want as many guys as possible hoping one of them will be that guy for them."

Ohio State

"We went to Ohio State. That was the first camp we went to where it was all wide outs. They worked me out exclusively at wide out. That was a really good camp. I had a great forty time. I think I ran a 4.32. That got everyone's attention. I was feeling really good and the turf we ran on was excellent. I put up a great time.

"It was at the Ohio State camp that I got a chance to showcase my athletic ability. I did well running routes and catching balls. I liked it a lot and I think I did very well. I know the coaches got to see what I can do as a receiver."


"After the Ohio State camp we were supposed to go to Wisconsin. But, the next day we woke up and called them and told them that we were really tired. At that point I had been going to different camps almost every day.

"We talked to Coach McCray and he said to send the tape from the Ohio State camp. We got that and tape from another camp and mailed it to them. They said they will want to see tape from my first senior games as well."

Notre Dame

"After Michigan and Wisconsin went to Notre Dame. Actually, I did not like that one very much. I was not too happy with what they did. They had sent me an invitation to their one day camp. When we got there it was obvious they sent out invites to everyone. They then had me work out with the middle school campers from the three day camp. I don't know, but I was not too impressed with that one.

"It was not the best. It was my least favorite. You come in and register and that took a while. Then we sat around for a few hours and then some guy comes out and says were going to get warmed up with the younger guys. Then that was about three hours. It was basically a little kids camp. I signed up because I thought I would have a chance to showcase myself to the coaches, but that was not it at all."

Central Michigan

"Another place I'm looking at is Central Michigan. Their offense is identical to ours. They run the spread and they run it well. They have been really good in the MAC, going to bowl games. They are looking for a quarterback too. They told me their quarterback is leaving after this season and they are looking for a true freshman to come in and start learning their system."


"I got to Purdue. It was alright. It was an average day for camp. It was another one where you did not do many one-on-ones. Everyone was just thrown in together. It was a little boring, honestly."


"Vanderbilt was probably the best camp. Right off the bat they had us run the forty and I ran a 4.4. Coach Johnson came right over to me and started talking to me about what I was doing.

"They told me they already had their quarterback in this class, but they wanted to see if I was willing to try something else. So, they had me work out as a wide out. I had a great day. It was the best I ever did as far as running routes and catching the ball. I really got my name on the table with them.

"They have one more camp to look at guys and then they will tell me where I stand. Coach Fisher said he wants me to come in and work out one-on-one as a wide out. He wants to see how I work with him. He says that would help me out with them as they have just two spots open for wide outs in this class. It will come down to me and two other guys. Those two other guys have film of games where they played wide receiver. I played quarterback last year. So that could hurt me with them."


"Indiana is my only offer and they really don't know where I will play. They just told me they like what I do with the ball. They would try me at running back, quarterback and wide out and see where I fit best. But, it will not be up to me in that I will not get to choose. They will pick the spot where I have the best place to start and play. I like that as it is really up to me and how well I play."

The Road From Here

"The best camps as far as my performance and how they did things were Boston College, Michigan and Vanderbilt. They were my favorite camps. Where I'm at right now is I'm waiting. I feel like I'm so behind. Everyone else has a specialty. Some kids play quarterback and that is all they do. They are quarterbacks and that's it.

"Some kids play wide receiver and that's all they do. I'm not a specialist like that; I play a few positions. That's why I think I'm having a hard time is schools don't exactly know where I can play for them.

"That's why I think I'm going to wait until the season. I think once they see those first four games, they will see me at my best. It is one thing to see me at camp, but watching me with the pads on, they will get to see my game. I'm not a guy who just sits in the pocket. I'm not just a guy who runs the ball. Seeing my film they will get a better perspective on me.

"My hope is after that I'll have some more offers and know what my choices are and then I can make a decision. I think what it coming down to as far as my decision making is do I want to go to a big program and play wide out? Or, do I want to got a MAC school and play quarterback? That is really what I'm looking at.

"I'm finally getting a break from all the camps. I'm taking a little vacation know and then we start football camp. I'm excited to get back to working out with my teammates and winning another state championship. We're a Catholic school and we don't play in a conference. We just play the best in the state."

Final Note

Last season, Kofi lead Cathedral to the 4A state title. As the 2009 season, Cathedral has won more games than any other team in Indiana with 635 wins and 10 state final championship appearances. They are favored to repeat as state champions this season.

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