Andre Williams Picks BC

Running back Andre Williams was a bit of unknown in recruiting circles. The Pennsylvania tailback moved from Georgia with his family and did not pop up on many recruiting lists as a consequence. In fact, the first time fans heard his name is when he verbally committed to Boston College.

It is no secret that Boston College has shifted gears in their approach to running backs. After a few years of looking for small, shifty backs, they are back looking for a power back in this class. They have found their man in Pennsylvania tailback Andre Williams.

For those who follow recruiting, this was a bolt out of the blue as Williams had not turned up in recruiting stories. There is a reason. Having moved from Georgia last year, he got a little lost in the shuffle.

"I'm from Georgia. We moved here to Pennsylvania last July. I'm really from Jersey originally. My dad owns a business in New Jersey. To tell you the truth, we really don't have any roots in the country. My parents are from Jamaica. We have moved around quite a bit. We moved down to Georgia after my eighth grade year. So I spent my freshman and sophomore years in Jersey.

"My parents did not enjoy it that much in Georgia. So, we decided to move back to this area. They really did not want to go back to Jersey, so they picked this area."

Even though recruiting sites did not know about him, college recruiters took notice.

"My junior year I played in PA, but I played my first two years in Georgia. After last season, my junior year, people started noticing me. I started getting offers from all over the place. I did not expect it and was not prepared to go to a bunch of camps. I went to the Temple camp and Lauren's First and Goal Camp.

"The thing is, there were a lot of schools that were recruiting me and people were telling me I should go to this camp or that school because of their football. I was really looking at college for the academic opportunities. Football was not unimportant, but I wanted a place that was going to offer both good football and a prestigious degree.

"There were a couple of schools on my list that fit what I wanted, Vanderbilt and BC. But, BC had a winning tradition, more so than Vanderbilt. I went up to Boston College and I knew it was the place for me. They offered everything I was looking for and I knew I did not have to look anywhere else."

So, what sort of tailback is BC getting?

"The reason they recruited me is they wanted a bigger back. Before I started running track I was 215. That's was my playing weight. Now that I run track I have brought my weight down a little, but I'm still a big back. I'm 5'11" and I'm about 213. I ran a 4.3. I run track so I know that time is legit.

"For a big back, I have speed. I think I have good moves, but I'm not sure if everyone sees that. I look at my highlight tapes and I'm not even sure if I have a specific game as a running back. I guess you could call me a power back, but I also have moves in the open field. So, I guess describing my game is best left to someone else.

With recruiting process over, Andre is hoping to enjoy his last summer as a kid and get ready for his senior season.

"I'm trying to enjoy my summer as I know this is probably the last full summer I'm going to get to enjoy. I'm glad the whole recruiting thing is over, honestly. It started out cool at first, but then got very stressful. Now that I have that done I can enjoy my summer and then enjoy my senior year."

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