Decision Coming For Andre Simmons

One of the most sought after defensive backs in the Mid-Atlantic is safety Andre Simmons. The 6'1" prospect has a long list of offers and is now preparing to make a decision. Next month, Andre plans to make his college choice public with a press conference at his school.

After a long spring and summer of visiting colleges, Andre Simmons has had a chance to relax a little and think about his college options. With the season fast approaching, Andre is getting ready to start summer workouts with his team, as well as prepare for a decision in September.

"I'm just getting ready for my season. So, I'm pretty excited. I got a little time off, but we got our equipment today. So, it is time to get back to work. It will be two-a-days soon. Of course, it has gotten hot and muggy. It seems like that always happens when fall camp starts. That's why you work on your conditioning in the summer.

"I worked out with the track team this spring and summer. I did not run track for them, I just worked out with them. Hopefully that helps me with my speed and it translates to the football field."

In addition to getting ready for the season, Andre is thinking about his college choices. He expects to make his decision in September.

"I talked to my head coach and he is thinking about setting up a press conference for September. That's the plan right now. It is a once in a life time opportunity. So, I have to enjoy it while I can."

The contenders have not changed since the spring. After making many visits and talking to coaches, a list of finalists is beginning to emerge.

"The main three are Rutgers, Boston College and Vanderbilt. But, there are other schools right there too. I don't want to say those three are my favorites or way ahead of everyone else. It is those three I'm looking strongly at. They are the schools I'm most looking at right now. West Virginia and Illinois are right there too, as well as some other schools."

Position will not play much of a factor as everyone is looking at Andre for the same spot.

"Everyone is looking at me as a safety. Boston College wants me as a free safety, which is what everyone else says too. Different teams have different systems, but all of them see me as a safety. It is a good fit for me. I can cover and I can blitz off the edge too. I have no problem blitzing from the safety spot."

Although he is ticketed to play safety in college, Andre will get a chance to play offense this season.

"This season, I will be on defense primarily, but they plan to use me on offense too. I'll line up as a wide receiver and I'll play running back. They want to get me on the field a lot this year. I'm pretty excited to play offense. Getting a chance to score touchdowns is something I'm excited about."

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