BC, Duke Interested In Wittenauer

One of the most important times for college football prospects is the fall of their senior season. Close to half of the scholarships offered are the result of senior film. A good example is Virginia tight end/defensive end Kyle Wittenauer. The Richmond area prospect is starting to show up on the boards of BCS programs and will be closely followed this fall.

One of the new names in the Scout system is Kyle Wittenauer. The 6'4" prospect from Virginia has been hearing from most of the Ivy league as well as many FCS schools. Now, two BCS schools have jumped into the mix as well.

"Most schools are looking at me as a tight end or a defensive end, kind of an edge guy. Notre Dame offered me as a preferred walk-on. 1-AA schools want me as a tight end. Some schools are looking at me as a long snapper. Boston College is looking at me as a long snapper. Harvard, Princeton and Yale offered me as a tight end. Duke said they will be offering as a defensive end.

"Boston College has not offered. They said they wanted to see how the walk-on guy they have at long snapper does in the first few games. They told me I'm the only long-snapper on their board and they probably would be offering in September after a few games."

As far as where he projects at the next level, a lot will depend on how schools think he will develop at the next level. It will also depend upon system.

"My first choice would be to play another position in addition to long snapper, but I want to keep my options open. It depends upon who offers and what they tell me. I play linebacker now, but schools have been telling me I may be a little too tall to play linebacker. So, in addition to long snapper, coaches are saying I probably fit in best as an edge guy on the defensive line or maybe a tight end.

"I'm 6'3" and 240. I run a 4.8 forty. I think most schools want guys who run faster than I do. I'm not really sure, but that's what some coaches tell me. I have good game speed and I am quick and agile, but it does not show up in my forty times, which is what everyone looks at."

The biggest issue is probably academics. With so many Ivy League schools interested, the mix of football and academics at a FBS school will play an important role in his recruitment.

"Academics are the most important thing for me. So, the attraction of the Ivies is obvious. At the same time, I'd like a chance to play big time football too. So, it really depends upon the combination the schools offer. I play the game for the love of the game. The glory part of it is important, but it is the fun of it. I don't have to play in front of 100,000 people to enjoy it. So, the combination of playing football and getting the academic experience I want is the key for me."

Kyle attends a prestigious prep school in Virginia where he is number one in his class and scored 1530 on his SAT. In addition, he was an All-State honorable mention as a junior and first team All-Prep last season.

"I go to St. Christopher's in Richmond. It is an Episcopal School and is all boys, but we take classes with our sister school, which is all girls. So, it is really coed as far as classes, but we're technically all-boys."

Since the recruiting process has just started, fall plans are just starting to come into focus.

"I have thought a little bit about my fall plans. Nothing is set in stone at this point. I've been to Boston College and Duke for senior days. It will depend upon how things unfold in the fall as to what I will do as far as visits.

As far the two FBS school recruiting him, both stand out academically.

"Both Duke and BC are great academic schools. Boston College is better in terms of football, but Duke is getting better. I really liked the coaches at both schools. Between the two, it would come down to whether I want to be a long snapper for BC or be a part of a building process at Duke. Of course, it depends on whether they offer me. "

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