Things Picking Up For Quinn

Wayne Hills quarterback Mike Quinn has not received a lot of attention, despite the fact he led his team to an undefeated season last year. He has flown under the radar for the the early part of the recruiting season, but that is about to change. With coaches ready to evaluate seniors this fall, Quinn will be on the watch list of several schools.

Mike Quinn plays on a special team. The Wayne Hills football team was undefeated last season, finishing 12-and-0 and extending their winning streak to 52 games. As quarterback, Quinn threw for 1900 yards, 18 touchdowns and just four interceptions. Yet, he has not received an offer to play college football.

"I think a big part of it is I did not do a lot of camps. So, not as many people know about me. I want to go as a far as I can as far as football. I really love the game. I also want to take advantage of the academic opportunities as well. The only camps I went to were Elon, Northeastern, Villanova and Temple. "

That's not to say he is a complete unknown. Schools have been keeping in touch and will be evaluating him this fall.

"We just started practice, getting our pads and getting ready for next week. We are very lucky to be successful and to have a great coach. Villanova, Northeastern, Elon and Boston College, Maryland and some others have been talking to me. UConn and Rutgers both came in to see me over the spring. Duke, North Carolina and a bunch of other schools came in as well. I'm not really sure at this point about who is interested in me."

This fall will be important for Mike as well as some other players on the Wayne Hills team.

"My coach knows what to do. He is going to put together game tapes for us in the fall and send them out to schools. He had a son make it to the NFL and has been through it. I don't have a clue right now about what will happen in the fall. I'm hoping that schools will look at my tape and I'll have a better idea who is interested and interested in offering.

"We don't have a lot of guys on our team getting a lot of attention. One of our guys committed to Rutgers and some other guys are getting recruited like me, but he is the only one to get an offer. We have a really good coach and maybe schools think that's the reason we went undefeated last year. We have a lot of great players, but maybe they don't have the size or the speed colleges like. I don't know."

As far as where Quinn will fit in at the next level, pro-style quarterback is the most likely position.

"I'm a pro-style guy, but I run the ball a little. I went to Sports University to work on my strength and speed. My strength is my asset. I'm only 6'3" and 190, but I'm much stronger for my weight than most guys."

As far as Boston College, the interest is there and they continue to stay in touch, waiting for senior film.

"Coach Bill McGovern is the coach from BC that I'm talking to. He is a great guy and pretty funny. I like him a lot."

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