Tim Bulman Interview Part Three

In part three of Tim's interview with Eagle Insider, he talks about some of the guys he has met at BC, in addition to the guys he played with at The Heights. He also reminisces about some of the big games, including the tough losses.

BC guys have a reputation for being tough guys. At the next level, that reputation carries over and for good reason. When told that Trueblood got in a fight during the Senior Bowl Tim responds, "Of course he did. In the league I feel like that is kinda how BC guys are defined as being real tough fighters. Tough guys that are not afraid to get dirty. It is a good thing to be defined by, I feel like guys have a lot respect just because of the guys who have come in this league. Gosder (Cherilus), he's a tough guy. True and Columbo and all the older players like (Bill) Romanowski. (Chris) Hovan, I'm just going through the memory. They have that tough reputation, that is something BC definitely has."

When pressed for the strangest pre-game rituals that one of his former teammates had, Tim found the particular way some people got dressed as odd.

"I don't know about wicked strange but some guys are very peculiar with how they set their clothes up and how they put their clothes on. Some people would lay their entire uniform down on the ground, and then put it on piece by piece. I can't remember exactly who did that, I think Mathias might have done that. Everyone has the little things that they do, the songs they listen to, maybe a couple head slaps. Everyone does their own certain thing to get them ready for a game."

Tim had many great wins playing alongside the aforementioned teammates among many others. When asked what was his greatest win, he talks about few different games.

"I have a couple, they involved the same team multiple times. I really enjoyed the Notre Dame games that we had. Those were by far my favorite games to play in. I felt like everyone got alive for those games. Those were the only games that we had little pep rallies. You hear of schools that have pep rallies every week, but that was the one week that everyone dropped everything and talked about BC football.

"It is hard for BC in Boston when you have the Patriots, the Sox, the Bruins and the Celtics. But that was the one week when the tickets were the best in town and that everyone back home was watching. I remember beating them in the green shirts, I was a sophomore (in 2002) and I remember starting. That was one of the best experiences ever because I think they were ranked number two in the country. That was really a special moment for a lot of the guys on that team, I'll never forget the feeling when you beat a really good team, I think it was thirteen to seven.

"We forced like six turnovers including Josh Ott's touchdown, I was running right behind him waving my hands. I remember it clearly. I got two fumble recoveries that day and Mathias got so mad at me because I dove in front of him to steal one from him! I told him, ‘hey man, I need to get those stats!' That Notre Dame game was huge.The Notre Dame games epitomize the BC rivalry, the Holy War, those were some of the biggest wins that I was a part of.

"I really think when we went into Blacksburg against Virginia Tech and won (in 2003), that was a big win. That is a tough, tough place to play in. With the people ringing their keys and they are right on top of you yelling. I remember playing West Virginia (in 2004) when they were ranked really high. We went in there and I think Will Blackmon had a punt return for a touchdown and we really opened it up on them, which I don't think many people were expecting us to do."

With great wins, there always comes tough losses as well. Tim's toughest loss at BC is one that he will never forget and a game that still irks him to this day now almost five years later.

"I got one loss for you. It was literally a BCS game against Syracuse my senior year, my last game at BC. I think about that game quite often (laughs). I honestly to this day really don't know what happened. I remember Spaz looking at me and asking me, because we weren't pissed we were literally in shock. We knew how good of an offense we had and how good of a defense we had and we knew what we were going up against. After the game it was like, ‘what happened?' And you really didn't have an answer. They took the opening running play 70 yards and they didn't look back. It was one of those games where every guy that played in that game if they could do it over would give a lot of money or give up something really important, to do that over.

"It was a BCS bid, my senior year, that was definitely the toughest loss that I had to swallow. We went from being a pretty sure bet to going to a BCS game to going to a bowl game that we thought we deserved better. I remember feeling that the team was so ready, we were fired up, we knew what was at stake. We were very crisp in practice all week, having that swagger. And I don't know, something just didn't click that day. I think that day I broke two of my ribs too in the game. That was the worst game ever! I just remember laying in my bed after the game miserable both mentally and physically.

"You reminding me of it and my blood is starting to boil! We don't like to talk about that one."

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