Illinois TE Looking To Big Season

Rob Wennington missed time last season due to injury. That has not prevented colleges from taking a long look at the 6'7" Illinois tight end. As with most 2010 prospects, This fall is when most schools will be evaluating Wennington at tight end and perhaps interior line.

The fall is when the so-called under the radar guys begin to emerge. They may be under the radar for followers of recruiting, but college coaches know who they are and will be watching them as they go through their senior season. Rob Wennington is one guy Boston College will be following this autumn.

"A lot of schools have been talking to me. A few schools are talking to me. A lot of the Ivy League schools are in contact. Boston College and Duke have been in regular contact. At this point I'm not really sure who is interested enough to offer. So, I'm not sure where I'll be going. Once I get an official offer then that will change."

Like many 2010 prospects, schools are waiting to see senior film before making a decision. That makes the upcoming season an important time to impress recruiters.

"This season will be big for me. Last season I dislocated my elbow and missed most of the season. I did not get to play a lot because of it. Schools tell me they want to look at me this fall now that I'm healthy. I went to three camps this summer. I went to Ball State and I was at Boston College. I also went down to Duke for their weekend camp."

As far as where he projects at the next level, most schools think tight end or perhaps offensive tackle.

"I'm 6'7" and weigh 235 pounds. I'm not the fastest guy out there. I run a 4.9, but I'm pretty athletic for a big guy. Coaches like my hands and think I can be a TE. That's what I'd like to play if possible. I run good routes and I'm good at running around out there and getting open. I think I'm a pretty good receiver.

"With my size and athleticism, some schools think I would do well at the tackle position. I've never played interior line. So, I don't know if I would be able to get big enough to play the position. I enjoy playing tight end and that's the only thing I've done in high school. So, I don't know about tackle.

"On the other hand, if I want to stay at tight end I have to work on my speed. That's what I've been doing over the summer. I enjoy tight end and would like to stay there. I'll see what happens and think about it when the time comes. If that's where I'm best fit, then it is something I'll really consider."

As far as college choices and plans for the fall, it will come down to senior film.

"Columbia and Harvard have been very interested. I get mail from all of the Ivy League schools. Ball State was interested, but they are one of the schools looking at me as a tackle.

"I have a small high light from last year and my coach is putting together a tape from the summer workouts. Obviously everyone wants to see my first couple of games from this coming season. So, we will put that together and send that out to schools that have been interested.

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