Ten Things From The Kent Game

Boston College followed up their demolition of Northeastern in the opener with an equally impressive win over Kent State. BC jumped out early and never looked back as they cruised to a comfortable win. The defense gave up their first score of the season, but that came late and was against the backups.

Tuggle Has Emerged

Justin Tuggle finished the game 6-12 for 150 yards and two touchdowns. He appeared much more comfortable under center. Despite his funky, Vince Young-like delivery, his passes are crisp and timely and he made the biggest plays. He also flashed some quickness when eluding the rush. Spaziani said of the quarterback situation," We've made progress. There's more evidence to base a decision on. I still don't think it's a clear cut, no brainer. I don't know if we'll have one guy, but we'll have this narrowed down a little bit."

Shinskie Lags Behind

At the time same Tuggle has separated himself from the pack, Shinskie's play left much to be desired. One would think he would have good arm strength considering he is a former professional pitcher, however, his throws have too much air under them and his timing is off with his receivers. He finished 9-16 for 73 yards with one touchdown and one interception. While he will still likely see action next week at Clemson, Shinskie does have some ground to make up if he wants to be named the starter.

Gunnell and Larmond Jr. Are Big Play Guys

Larmond's 57-yard touchdown catch from Tuggle in the first quarter was a thing of beauty. Tuggle hit the wide-open Larmond in stride with a picture perfect pass. Larmond's two career touchdown catches have now gone for 55 and 57 yards.

We saw last week Gunnell's return abilities but yesterday he showed a great aggressiveness in going after passes and pulling them down in traffic. This will be a real asset for our young quarterbacks this season. Gunnell has six catches for 114 yards and two scores. He is clearly the number one option for both Tuggle and Shinskie.

Offensive Line Out Of Sync

After gaining 236 yards on the ground last week (6.2 yards a carry) the Eagles were held to 126 yards (3.4 yards a carry). This unit was supposed to be the strong point of the offense, but they were outplayed at times by Kent State. The interior lineman of Emmett Cleary, Matt Tennant, and Tom Claiborne were beat consistently by a smaller and quicker front from Kent State.

Young Linebackers Played Well

After an impressive debut last week the young group once again excelled. Nick Clancy and Dominic LeGrande each recorded their first career interceptions and Luke Kuechly recovered a fumble. They were a big reason why Kent State managed just 60 yards on the ground. Kuechly was all over the field making plays.

Despite two excellent efforts, they remain the biggest concern on defense for the coaches. Spaziani thinks having so many young guys on the field at the same time will eventually catch up to them. For now, he is happy with the performance, but considers this the biggest area of concern.

Defense Finally Allows A Touchdown

BC's second-string defensive unit allowed Kent State to score with two minutes remaining in the game ending an impressive streak for the Eagles. BC had gone 121 consecutive minutes without allowing any points.

The late score prevented the Eagles from notching two straight shutouts for the first time since 1992. In that year, the Eagles shutout three straight opponents after beating Rutgers in the opener.

Quigley Pins Opponents

Ryan Quigley, the sophomore punter, had three punts inside the 20-yard line including two inside the five. Five of his 11 punts have been inside the 20 this year. He has been effective at angling his punts and getting enough hang time to give the coverage unit a chance to down the ball. Quigley is the number one punter in the ACC and ranked 12th nationally.

Pass Rush Lacking

BC was unable to get consistent pressure on Kent State's QB's. Max Holloway managed the team's lone sack late in the second half. No matter how talented the secondary may be, they will struggle if there is no pressure on the passer. BC will have to mix things up next week if they want to get to Clemson.

Return Game Is Clicking

Jeff Smith has a nice 36-yard kickoff return. This comes a week after Gunnell had two nice punt returns, including one score. With the quarterback situation as it is BC will take the yards any way they can. The Eagles currently sit fourth in the league in both kick returns and punt returns. Clemson is ranked second in both categories and eighth nationally.

This Team Remains a Mystery

After six quarters of near flawless football and two quarters of some sloppy play from the third and fourth string guys, this team remains a mystery. They have executed like veterans on a mission, but this is a very young team. The coaches concede that they really don't know what they have at this point.

The mystery will continue, at least on the quarterback and injury front, for the week leading up to Clemson. There will not be an announcement on the quarterback and the staff is going to prepare both to start until Thursday. At that point they will decide on who will be the starter for Clemson.

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