Heslip Discusses Boston College

Last month Boston College secured their second commitment for the 2010 basketball recruiting season. Brady Heslip, a sharp-shooting guard from Ontario committed to the Eagles after looking at dozens of high major programs in the summer. Now that things have settled down, we got a chance to talk in depth about the process and his commitment to Boston College.

The world of basketball recruiting is a bit murky. Kids basically audition in AAU tournaments throughout the summer as coaches sit in the stands looking for talent. Often, a kid will burst on the scene and get a flood of offers after a month of tournaments. A good example is Boston College commitment Brady Heslip.

"My recruiting went crazy over the summer after the tournaments in Cincinnati. All of a sudden colleges from all over the map were in contact with me. I went to five tournaments in that month and it was going with crazy with all the schools. But, I had a general idea of which schools I could see myself at in college. So, I was able to narrow it down quickly, but it was really crazy in August. It was not really a long process, but it all happened at once."

After lighting it up in the tournament circuit this summer, the offers and interest came flooding in, but one school stood out early. Boston College was the first to get involved and that made them a favorite from the start.

"I have a really good relationship with Coach Duquette. He was the first coach to give me a shout and talk to me about playing for them. I knew about their team and how they develop scoring point guards. Troy Bell and Tyrese Rice went there and I'm that sort of player. Coach Skinner is also a great coach and just wins games every year."

The recruiting process was fast and furious. In August Brady visited several schools and quickly began to narrow down his options.

"I was on campus in August. That's when I was thinking about my decision. I had made a visit to UCLA and it was beautiful. Then I went to Boston College and I knew that was where I wanted to be. There were no students on campus. So, I did not get a feel for it. When I went there I knew it was the right place for me. It was such a great place and the great basketball really sold me."

Scouts who evaluated Heslip in the summer saw a great shooter that can light it up from anywhere on the court. He is also a solid ball handler who can distribute and run the floor. That sort of guard play is a must have in the ACC.

"Playing in the ACC and getting recruited by schools like that is a dream come true. Ultimately, it was about the school more than anything. BC is a real good school and I'm a great fit for what they do. Playing in the ACC is just an extra. I'm going to have a lot work to do to get ready, but I'm excited about it.

"I love to score the ball, but I like to distribute too. My jump shot really helps me because I can score from deep. At the same time, I want to be the leader on the floor. It does not really help me if I'm scoring and no one else is scoring. The goal is for us to put the ball in the basket and that means getting everyone involved. That's what I like about Boston College. Everyone gets involved and it is not just one guy."

With the decision out of the way and his senior season starting, Brady is preparing for life as a college player at BC. That means visits and trips to campus to get to know the school and the staff better over the next year.

"Just before I came back to school, I was there when the students were coming back. It was amazing. I just loved the place even more. Coach Skinner is walking all over the place and the students are having a great time. It was sweet. The nice thing about BC is it has the college campus feel with the old buildings and the reservoir. At the same time the city of Boston right there. So, you get the best of both worlds."

There will be more visits this fall as well as an official visit. Typically these are timed to correspond with a big football game.

"I'm from Ontario, but I got to school in New Hampshire. I'm taking my SAT is October and as soon as I'm done with that I'm going to get down for a football game. That will be my official. I hope I get to see a good game. They are talking about bringing me down for the Florida State game."

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