Lunch With The Players

On Wednesday of each week, Boston College holds a luncheon for the media to mingle with some of the players. This week, Dave Shinskie, Matt Tennent and Mike Marscovetra were on hand and Eagle Insider was there.

The Wednesday luncheon has become a good time for reporters to get some dirt on what is really going on with the football program. It is a casual atmosphere and the players can relax and talk a little more freely about the team.

David Shinskie, discussing the Boston College offense's woes with gathered reporters, said "you've got to run to open up the pass," but they weren't able to do either. "So a key this weekend is to pound it down their throats with the run, opening it up for the passing game."

Matt Tennant walked in after Shinskie and joked "no, Dave, you've got to pass to open up the run… Silly freshman."

While Tennant and Shinskie were joking, their comments reflected a difficult truth for the BC offense. Neither the run nor the pass could get going on Saturday, and the result was one of the worst offensive performances in recent memory as BC lost to Clemson, 25-7.

With the Eagles preparing for a home game Saturday afternoon against Wake Forrest, Tennant and the offensive line know that their play must improve if BC's offense is going to bounce back.

Tenant did not shy away from criticism of the line's play last Saturday, but is hopeful that they will be ready to go against Wake Forest.

"Guys just weren't blocking their assignments," he said, explaining what went wrong against Clemson. "That's sort of my fault for not getting guys into position, and sort of those guys for not knowing their assignments well enough."

"In drills, we hit our assignments and do them well… it's about carrying that over into the game," he continued.

Tennant said he was surprised by Saturday's breakdown, saying it reminded him of last year's ACC Championship Game against Virginia Tech.

"We couldn't run, we couldn't pass. The six of us needed to block eight guys in the box."

"Other teams know what they have to do – stop the run. They're gonna force us to pass. That's what every team is going to do while we have young QBs without much [collegiate experience]."

Tenant denied that changing back to a man blocking scheme caused some of BC's offensive line problems, saying that the actual assignments are similar to last year's zone blocking scheme, just with a different name. Instead, he said individual performances had to improve.

"It was a big venue, a big game, and maybe some guys weren't well focused. We need everyone to be on the same page, and we need to step it up."

After Justin Tuggle and David Shinskie struggled in Saturday's game, Mike Marscovetra has seen more reps in practice this week and has a chance to earn some playing time against Wake Forest.

"They told me I'll have a chance to play," he said. "I just have to make the best of it."

Marscovetra, a native of Oakland, N.J., said his parents would be in attendance at this weekend's game and he hopes to get a chance to show what he can do.

Marscovetra said that he and the other quarterbacks know a lot will be riding on them to take some of the pressure off the line by forcing the opposing defense to respect the pass.

"Saturday was a tough game for us – our first ACC game, in a tough environment. But you can't judge us by one game."

Shinskie concurred, saying that the team has shaken off last week and is ready to move forward. "Wake's a good team, a tough team. We'll be ready for them."

"Wake Forest is very similar to us," said Tennant. "They're a small school. They go out there and work hard, they do their jobs. They've been successful doing that. Even though they lost [some talent on defense], they'll rebuild and will be tough to play. We'll have to be ready to go on Saturday."

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