Interest Picking Up For Kofane

Cameroon is a long was from the United States. In fact, it is a world away in just about every sense. Yet that does not mean it is too far away for basketball recruiters. Brice Kofane was recruited to the US from Cameroon and is now a rising star in the world of basketball recruiting.

Brice Kofane is from Cameroon. He plays his ball for a private school in Virginia and is slowly becoming a hot commodity on the recruiting trail. The 6'8" forward has yet to get his first offer, but many schools are interested, including several high majors.

"Nothing much is going on with my recruiting right now. Schools are talking to me and I have gone on one official visit. Boston College has been talking to me about a visit. I went to Harvard for a visit. It was very nice. It was pretty cool. Boston was really nice."

BC saw Kofane in the summer playing for his AAU team. He did not get a ton of time on the court, but did enough to get the interest of the Eagles.

"Boston College is also talking about having me come up for a visit, but they have not set it up yet. I talked to them last week and they say they want to have me come up in November when I have a break from school.

"Connecticut, BC, Harvard and some other schools have been talking to me the most. Notre Dame has called too. There are some smaller schools too, but those are the big schools that have been talking to me about a visit."

The intriguing aspect here is Kofane has been in the states for just two years. How he got here is what makes basketball recruiting a fascinating part of the game.

"I'm from Cameroon. I've been here since I was a sophomore. We have a guy who is from Washington DC and he saw me play in Cameroon and offered me a scholarship to come here and go to school. My family is still back in Cameroon and I get a little homesick sometimes, but I have enjoyed my time here."

The reason schools are interested is Kofane has a very high ceiling due to his athletic ability. His game is a bit raw, but most think he can be a high major big man if he gets the right coaching and the program is patient.

"I'm a big guy that is good at defending the rim. On offense I get most of points around the rim. But I have been working on my jump shot and it has been getting better. I did well with it in the AAU leagues this summer. I liked it a lot and thought I got better."

The scouting report on Kofane says he is a highly athletic and energetic player. His primary strength is defending the rim. On the AAU circuit, he would wow crowds with thunderous dunks and blocks that sent balls into the stands. His offense, however is a work in process. He has started to show a bit of a jumper, but needs work on handling the ball in traffic and finishing around the rim.

"The guy I'm most like in the NBA is Kevin Garnett. I'm like him physically and play defense like him. He has a better shot than me, but I am working on my shot and hope to get better on offense."

As far as where is recruitment will go, nothing is set at this point. Several schools are interested, but none have offered so far. In all probability he is a late offer guy who could sign in November. He could also get offered after the early signing period as schools figure out their class.

"My coach is is helping me with the colleges. I don't really know when I will decide. I like Boston College a lot and hope they will offer me. So, I'm waiting for them right now. But, my coach says there are other schools to consider and I will see if they are comfortable to me before making a decision."

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