Hickey Takes Official To BC

One of the top targets for the Eagles this year is offensive tackle Sean Hickey. The big Pennsylvania tackle is down to three schools and has started taking his official visits. Last weekend, he was at Boston College to see the school, tour the campus and see a great football game.

Some time ago, Sean Hickey narrowed his choices down to three schools. There was some talk that he was ready to commit, but he decided to take another look at all three before he makes a decision. That means taking official visits to his three finalists. First up was Boston College.

"I was at Boston College last weekend. It was good. I got up there early Saturday morning and saw the game. I met with the athletic director and then ate dinner with the coaches and hung out with the players. It was a good time."

One of the primary reasons to take an official is to see the team play and get a sense for how he would fit in with the program.

"The game was thrilling. Overtime was a lot of fun. I watched the offensive line and saw they opened up a lot of holes and allowed the offense to score a lot points. Coach Devine showed me where I project for them, assuming I worked hard. He showed that I'd be a tackle for them. They said I could have a chance to compete early and that made me feel pretty good."

Another aspect is to see the campus and get a sense of what life is like for students and players.

"It was great. I liked all the linemen I met. They were great. My host was fantastic. The campus was nice and the student were very friendly. I met with the athletic director, coach DeFilippo. He was fantastic. I was very impressed with him."

The other aspect of an official, the one that gets the most attention, is the dinner. Boston College is famous for treating recruits to some of Boston's great restaurants.

"We went to a great place. I forget the name of the place. It was a great steak and seafood place. It was very elegant. I had a great steak and some seafood. My mom and I had dinner with coach Devine, coach Sirmans and coach Spaziani and some of the other coaches. It was the Capital Grille. That is the name of it. The steak was great."

As for the over all impression and where this puts Boston College, Sean was enthusiastic, but not ready to name a leader or make any definitive judgments.

"It definitely helped Boston College. I showed that I could really enjoy four or five years there. If I felt it was the place for then I'll commit. But I want to give Illinois and Syracuse the same chance. I'm sure their official visits will be exciting too."

The next step is to visit Illinois and then Syracuse. Once the visits are done, he will sit down and make a decision.

"I'm going to both Illinois and Syracuse, but I'm not sure when. I believe I'm going up to Illinois not this weekend but next weekend. Syracuse, we're still trying to figure that one out at this point. My parents give me good advice, but the decision is mine. My dad was unable to go with me to Boston. My mom went with me. Both will probably go on the other visits. My mom was really impressed the whole visit to BC. My mom thinks I should go to the school with the best academics. My dad agrees, but he looks more at the athletic side than my mom. My mom is into the football side too, but she is also looking at the academic side too. So, they both look at the same things, but with a little different approach."

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