Odom Prepares For Official To Boston College

Rod Odom is closing in on a decision about his basketball future. The highly rated forward has been taking official visits and is about to take his final one to Boston College. Once this one is concluded, he will begin to think it over and make a decision on where he will play his college ball.

The recruitment of Rod Odom has been one of the more intriguing stories this season. The 6'8" forward was a hot commodity in the spring and became one of the more talked about prospects after the summer season. Major programs from around the country have been making their pitch, as well as some of the top academic schools in the country.

Of course, every visit has spawned rumors of an imminent commitment, which never happened. The fact is Odom is a level headed guy and wants to see everything before making the rational decision. Emotion is not what he wants to guide him as he visits schools and gets their best pitch.

"Nothing much is going on right now. I'm taking some time to be by myself and think about things and think about what is best for me about the schools I've been visiting. I want to let the emotions die down and think about what is best for me and not get caught up in any one thing."

Although Rod has been on many visits, his first official was to Arizona. The new coaching staff made a big impression and many thought the Wildcats had jumped into the lead for Odom's services.

"I had a really good time out there. I had fun with the coaches and the players. I felt really comfortable there. One of the the reasons that got so much attention, though, is I was so full of emotion after the trip. I had a really good time and was very excited about it. But, I'm seventeen years old and I can get emotional about things. I don't want to effect my decision. That's why I'm taking some time to think about it and let the emotions settle down. "

Last weekend, Odom went to Harvard for a visit. That may seem odd, but he has stated from the start that he wanted to include one Ivy League school in his final group. That school is Harvard.

"It was good. I talked to the coach and talked to a lot of the players. It was different. It was a different take on things. Obviously, the prestige of the place is what stands out. The academics and the reputation is the main thing and that's why I have been giving them a strong look."

The final visit comes this weekend when Odom heads to Boston College for a visit. He has been there many times and knows many students at BC. Despite his familiarity with the place, he wants to get another long look at the Eagles before deciding.

"I've never been on a real visit to Boston College. I've been around there a lot. I have a lot friends there. I'm looking forward to a real visit so that I can see everything from that perspective. On Friday we are going to play a little pickup. Nothing real serious, but that's always a fun part of the visit.

Boston College is my final visit. I've been to Arizona, Harvard and now Boston College. Those are not my final three, but those are by official visits. After Boston College, I'm going to take some time and think it over. I think after that visit I'll pretty much know where I want to go."

With so many great options, the decision will not be easy. Odom, however, has always had a sense of what he wants from college and why he will pick one particular college in the end.

"The thing on the basketball side is I know the situation that is best for me. That's a situation where I can come in as a freshman and have a chance to take on a leadership role. For me, I have always taken my education seriously. I'm a different kind of guy than most of the kids going to these schools. I come from a different background. So, it is not just the education, it is what you can do with the education. I'm not going to sell myself short in anyway just by looking at academics. It has to be a combination of things for me."

As to what he expects from his visit, it is not different than what he wanted to see on all of his visits. It is about comfort and how he will fit in with that program and school.

"As far as the visit to BC, I know they have ESPN there, but I'm just looking to talk to the coaches and the players. You never know about these visits, anything can happen. But, I'm just going there for my stuff so I can get a better feel for the school."

The next step is a decision. This is the final official and the plan is to make a decision quickly.

"It could come as early as this weekend. I have a strong feeling that I'll know after this weekend. The thing is I have not really had a chance to sit down with my parents. I'll want to do that before making it official. I've been away at boarding school for a while now. The decision is not really about their situation, but what I think is best for me and they understand that. But, I still want to talk it over with them."

One of the unusual things about Rod Odom is he did not go away to boarding school for basketball. In hoops, many kids head off to schools known for developing basketball talent as much as getting the academics right. In Rod's case, it was ll about the education.

"When I decided to make the move to boarding school, I was still small and my basketball prospects were not that good. My parents and I thought this was the best place to get a great education and give me a chance to go to college. It has been a sacrifice for them and me, but it has worked out."

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