Weekend Viewing Guide

This is a big weekend for the ACC as we get deep into league play. There are also two big out of conference games this weekend. The big news is ESPN Game Day will be camped out at BC, making it an ACC day for the nation's number one college football show.

The first week of October marks the end of the tune up games and we get into the conference schedule. Arguably the most important conference game this weekend is NC State at Wake Forest. These are two evenly matched teams looking for an edge in the Atlantic race. The BC – Florida State game is next in importance for the same reason. Plus, the presence of Game Day makes it a show case for the league.

As far as the league in general, the two big games are Georgia Tech at Mississippi State and Miami hosting Oklahoma. The first one will go a long way to boosting the league's strength of schedule. The night game is a chance for a top league team to knock off a national power.

Virginia @ UNC: Al Groh needs a win and has had two weeks to prepare. UNC is coming off a bad loss and needs to refocus. That could make for a good game. The fact that UNC has no offense should help Virginia stay in it and maybe pull the upset. The reason to watch this one is to see how the Virginia kids respond if they get behind.

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Pick: It would be nice to see Virginia win, just for the entertainment value. But, UNC is a good team that is hungry and they are playing at home. UNC by ten.

Virginia Tech @ Duke: If both teams play up to their potential, this one gets a NC-17 rating. The Hokies are very good and Duke is not. On the other hand, there will be a let down on the Hokie side after the Miami win. Duke has nothing to lose and will throw the ball fifty times, if necessary. The only reason to watch this one is if VT stumbles and it gets an upset alert.


Pick: There is no reason to think Duke wins or even stays close. VT by a score less than the spread.

Clemson @ Maryland: We have a schizophrenic team going on the road to play a desperate team that has to win in order to salvage their season. That makes for an interesting game. Throw in the fact Clemson never plays well on the road and this one is this week's upset special. The reason to watch is to see if all the happy talk from Dabo Swinney has any effect on his group of under achievers.


Pick: In football, inconsistent teams lose on the road, even when the opponent is terrible. The Terps get a much needed win in this one.

NC State @ Wake Forest: There are a lot of reasons to tune into this one. NC State may be for real and winning on the road against an in-state rival would prove it. On the other hand, Wake needs a win and they have plenty of reasons to be fired up for this one. On the other, other hand, Coach O'Brien is due for an egg laying.


Pick: It is hard to go against Wake at home after a loss. This one will be a wild one, but Wake pulls it out at home.

Florida State @ Boston College: Take the uniforms off the Seminoles and they are a significant underdog in this game. Their defense is poor and their offense is up and down. Boston College has a good defense and is getting better on offense. Plus, the game is in Boston. That's the thing. The young guys on BC will have to beat the uniforms before they can beat the Seminoles. Florida State will have to forget what wearing that uniform means before they roll over to anyone. This one is anyone's guess.


Pick: BC is young enough to get caught up in the hype. FSU is worried enough to come in focused. The ‘Noles win handily.

Georgia Tech @ Mississippi St.:This one is tailor made for the Yellow Jackets. They face a team with trouble stopping the run and lacking a big play offense. For an option team, it does not get much better. Here's the one fly in the ointment. MSU has played three very good teams this year. So, those stats may be misleading. That's what makes this one an interesting game. Is a good ACC team capable of beating a not so good SEC team on the road?

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Pick: If not for the Clemson game, this would be the upset special. MSU wins at home.

Oklahoma @ Miami: Two years ago, Miami went to Oklahoma talking big, but playing small. They were run off the field by the Sooners. Miami is better and coming off a humiliating loss to Virginia Tech. Oklahoma is coming off two cupcake wins that did nothing to test them. That's what makes this game a must see.


Pick: The sense here is Oklahoma is walking into a buzz saw. Miami is good, but young. Oklahoma is good, but maybe not that good. Go with the young guys at home in what should be a great game for the league.

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