Ten Things From Florida State

Game Day was on hand to do something they did not expect. That is, they witnessed a young Boston College football team take another big step toward becoming a complete team. Everyone in the country expected the mighty Seminoles to roll over the Eagles, but BC outplayed FSU most of the game and came away with a big victory.

Game Day a Success

Despite the inclement weather the turnout for College Gameday was a huge success. Even though most of the good signs were confiscated prior to fans being admitted, BC fans made a strong showing on the national stage. The Herzlich piece was nicely done and Mark showed his amazing composure and maturity.

Herzlich Will Play Again

For any of those who missed the Gameday feature on Mark, I highly suggest you check it out on www.collegegameday.com. One thing is perfectly clear from watching the segment, #94 will play again for BC. His passion for the game is obvious, even the way he addressed the crowd prior to the Eagles running out on the field. He is a leader and inspiration for all to admire. He is also a natural coach and was barking at the officials when BC received a poor spot on the Shinskie's sneak attempt in the fourth quarter.

Shinskie Builds Confidence

At this point Shinskie is clearly the starting quarterback. His confidence is building and he has proven he can win in the ACC. He made some great throws and exposed Florida State's porous secondary. The offensive line did their part and gave Shinskie all the time he needed to go through his progressions and make some great throws, including a 62-yard pass to Colin Larmond Jr. and a 38-yard touchdown pass that hit Jeff Smith right in stride.

Albright Injury Will Hurt

Again the pass rush was infuriatingly weak, especially when Albright went down with an ankle injury. Albright's sack in the first quarter capped off an amazing goal line stand. Aside from his play there was very little pressure on Ponder and this continues to be a problem for the Eagles defense. The Globe reported that Albright sprained his right ankle and no timetable has been set yet for his return.

Soft Defense in Second Half

It was a patented Spaziani defense in the second half, soft coverage and few blitzes. BC conceded those 10-yard out routes the entire second half, as FSU was able to march right down the field. Its hard to argue with the success Spaziani and McGovern have had defensively over the years, but this was frustrating to watch as BC was content to allow the Seminoles to drive down the field 10 yards at a time. In the end the defense stuck with their "bend but don't break" philosophy and came out on top again.

Offense Gets Conservative

BC led 21-6 at the half in large part due to an efficient passing attack from Shinskie. The second half was a different story. Tranquill stuck to the running game with limited results for much of the third and fourth quarter. It wasn't until the final two drives that Montel Harris was able to rip off several nice runs. The offense was playing not to lose instead of continuing to pick apart an abysmal FSU secondary. We also saw plenty of wildcat plays with mixed results.

Harris Has Career Day

BC's record when they have had a 100-yard rusher over the last decade is 52-9. Harris contributed with a career high 179 yards and two scores. He closed the door on Florida State with three long runs including the game winning 41 yard score to seal the victory.


BC fumbled three times on the day and lost two of them. Harris, usually very sure handed, nearly lost a costly one with about 2 minutes left in the game. Luckily Anthony Castonzo was able to recover the ball and maintain possession. FSU was not able to capitalize on either of BC's turnovers as they missed a field goal after Jeff Smith's fumbled kick return but the Eagles won't always be this fortunate.


At this point he is the best defensive player on the field for BC, hands down. He led the game with 12 tackles and exhibited tremendous closing speed by snuffing out a pair of screen passes. His intangibles are off the charts and as Coach Spaz said he "has some stuff that you don't coach…We have to try not to mess him up."


It's hard to believe that after all that happened this off-season we would be talking about a 4-1 BC squad. At this point BC has a realistic shot at another Atlantic Division title. I'm not sure if this is a reflection of a poor ACC field or a just a good BC team, perhaps a little of both. Either way BC can make a run at this especially if Shinskie continues to play as well as he had the past two weeks. Playing in Virginia Tech will be a real test for them, but as we have seen you have to expect the unexpected.

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