Papa Samba Ndao Taking Official Visits

Papa Samba Ndao has flown under the radar during this year's recruiting cycle. The 6'9" wing from Montverde Academy has not escaped the attention of college recruiters and is considered a high major prospect. One program that has kept a careful eye on him and offered is Boston College. They offered some time ago and had the Senegalese prospect in for an official visit in September.

Papa Samba Ndao is not a familiar name to most Boston College hoops fans, but that may be about to change. The highly athletic and talented wing from Florida is one of the top targets for the Eagles in this recruiting class. He has an offer from BC, as well as SMU and TCU. He has also gone on official visits to Boston College and TCU and will be at SMU next week.

I caught with his Montverde Academy coach, Kevin Sutton, to learn a little bit about his star player.

"He went to visit Boston College a couple weeks ago. He has visited TCU and is going to visit SMU next week. They have all offered them. He is going to take his final visit to SMU. I always require my players to take at least two visits. After his third visit he will make his decision."

Visiting two schools in Texas would suggest a connection to the Lone Star state.

"He has some friends on the SMU team from Senegal. He is originally from Senegal. He has been at Montverde for three years. We are an international private boarding school. Both schools have offered and he is required to visit at least two schools before deciding. So, he visited TCU and will visit SMU in addition to visiting Boston College."

The interest in Boston College is a bit of a surprise, only because Boston College has not recruited many players from Florida in the past.

"He had a great visit to BC. They have done a great job recruiting. Like I said, we require our players to take their visits. So, once he visits SMU he will make a decision. I've known Bonzie (Coach Bonsie Colson) for quite a while and he saw him at one of our workouts. They also saw him in some games during the summer. Networking is the key in recruiting, knowing the guys to talk to when you are looking for players. That's how Boston College learned about him."

Of course, Boston College is more than just a sports program and one of the biggest goals is to recruit high character players who will carry on the tradition of excellence at Boston College. Coach Sutton mentioned this issue first when asked about Papa.

"He is a high quality kid. He is an honor roll student and leader. He will be the team captain this year for the second year in a row. As a junior he was a captain and this year as a senior he will be a captain. He is a high quality young man."

As far as his game, most think a 6'9" guy is automatically a forward at the next level. But, Coach Sutton says Papa is a very versatile player that can play a number of positions.

"He is a high major division one player. He is 6'9" and can play at the two, three or the four positions. He is good ball handler and he can shoot. He's been with me for three years and is very long and athletic. Last year he had a knee injury and that inhibited him tremendously. He had minor surgery and that has allowed him to become the player he is athletically capable of being, vertically and horizontally. Papa is one of the guys they (BC) like as a wing and Papa likes them too. He has to take his last visit, but I know he likes them. "

Talking to scouts who have seen him play, the book on him is he is a very athletic player for his size. He is an excellent ball handler and can take most defenders off the dribble. His defense is excellent as an on the ball defender. His length and footwork make him hard to break down or shoot over. He has the ability to guard all three positions at the next level.

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