Bordner Takes His Official To BC

Boston College commitment, Josh Bordner, made his pledge back in the summer. That was not the end of the process for him. Like many prospects, he decided to look at graduating early and going to BC in the spring, in order to get a head start on his college career. Josh took some time to talk about how that is going as well as his most recent visit to BC.

Josh Bordner committed over the summer and it was assumed he would enter BC the summer after his senior year. Instead, he had an opportunity to graduate early from high school. That means entering BC for the spring semester.

"I am graduating early and will be heading up to Boston College in January. I still have to do my application stuff for BC. I also had to get all of my credits to graduate, but I only needed a gym credit. So, that was something I could do know and then graduate early."

In addition to getting his course work done in order to graduate early, Josh has been focused on the football season. His team got off to a rough start, but has bounced back, winning three straight games.

"We're 3-and-3 right now. Our first three games were tough. We played Middletown, Tuscarora and Johnson. But these past three weeks we have really stepped it up. Our defense has not given up a point in the last three weeks. We had a chance to beat Tuscarora, but we went for two to win the game and lost by a point. It could have gone either way."

The tough start was not just a team thing. Josh had to fight through some injuries and sickness early in the season.

"I banged up my finger, twisted my ankle and got sick. So, the first part of the season was a little tough. But, I'm better now and can focus on the season and school without worrying about that stuff."

Two weeks ago, Josh took his official visit to BC for the Florida State game. Even though he is committed, it was an important part of becoming an Eagle.

"I was up at BC for the Florida State game. It was really exciting. It was very positive. Everyone was thinking we were not going to win and then everyone went crazy at the end. They took us to the Capital Grille and it was so good. I had a huge steak and a big lobster and a bunch of other stuff.

"My host was Billy Flutie. He lives across from Mark Herzlich. We hung out with them that night and some other people. It was great. He is a really nice guy. He never says anything negative and is always positive. He was a really nice guy. You see why people say he represents BC so well."

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