Recruiting On Hold For Mayes

With the signing period right around the corner, basketball recruits are narrowing things down and making college choices. Jordin Mayes is an exception. Unlike many players, he is in no rush to sign with a school. His father took some time to talk about his recruiting and some of the reasons why he prefers to be patient with the process.

Jordin Mayes has been a hot name on the recruiting trail. There were rumors he was ready to commit, choosing between California and Boston College. His father decided to clear that up and explain in-depth about where his son in the process and when he will be making a decision.

"Nothing much has changed," said Mr. Mayes. "He is just focusing on his books. He is getting a lot of attention. But, we just think it is time to focus on the books, keeping his GPA up and getting ready for the season. The calls are coming in, but he is wide open. He is not making a decision early. We are just taking it day by day.

"Realistically, I don't want this on his head. I want keep that head focused on his studies and his season. We'll worry about recruiting when the time is right. Right now, we are listening and evaluating. He will have to find the best place for him, a place where the coaches are sincere and the school is the best fit for him. He has plenty of time for that later on."

The pressure to make an early decision and lock up a spot on a roster is intense this time of year. The result is many kids rush to decide, before having the time to look at all of their options. That often means relying on incomplete information. That's the concern for Jordin and his father.

"The thing is, the hard part of recruiting is there a lot of guys blowing smoke. Everyone you run into says a lot of things and you don't know if it is right. Jordin is a special player and student and there will be a good fit for him. We're not worried about that right now. When the time is right I'm sure the right school will be there and we'll look at it then.

"These are kids. They don't know as much about the world as an adult. It is easy for them to get a whole bunch of things in their head. That's why a lot of kids don't make it in life. They don't get good guidance and wind up listening to the wrong people and making the wrong decisions. I don't want that for Jordin and that means taking a strong role in his recruiting."

"The thing is, recruiting is OK. The trouble is not the system. The trouble is some coaches don't handle things the right way. So, you have to be careful and be patient. Jordin has a big season coming up. They can have a special season and I don't want him to miss that. So, for now I'm just going to handle the calls from the coaches and collect the information while he focuses on his studies and his season.

"Jordin knows what kind of player he is and that he will be able to play in college. He knows that. He knows when the time comes he will have the time to look at the coaches, the program they run, the system they run and the school. He will have the time to look at all of that and make the right decision.

"As far as the coaches, they can come in and talk with us. They can call and check on him. But, I'm fielding the calls for now. I'm his adviser in this and it is my job as his father to keep him focused on the important stuff while I get the information and break it down for him. I don't want him making a decision just because of what some coach may have said to him while he is focusing on his school work or something like that. I want him to have all the information first."

As far as where he stands with particular schools, a few things have been decided, but Jordin remains open at this point.

"Right now, He is open. We are willing to listen to everyone. The decision is not coming soon. It could be December or even January. He took three visits back-to-back-to-back and it kind of burned him out. So, we're not going to do any visits right now. He has two left and we're going to wait."

Those official visits did help clarify some things for Jordin and his dad.

"He went to Boston College and it was great. He likes Boston College. Al Skinner is a player's coach. His staff is all there and they work well together. Jordin got to mingle with the players and he really liked it. Boston College has done a great job with Jordin.

"Cal-Berkeley was not what we thought. I did not like it all, but Jordin thought it was just OK. I just did not think it was a good situation at all. I don't want to say anything bad about anyone, but it was not the right situation, in my opinion.

"He went to Utah and liked it. They were great and Jordin would have been a good fit. But, they signed their guy and that's the end of that. They had one spot and they got their guy already. So, we are moving on."

According to Mr. Mayes, they are putting aside recruiting for now. He will talk with the coaches and collect information for Jordin, but that will not be the focus until later in the fall. He thinks maybe toward Thanksgiving they will begin to take another look and see who is interested and then begin to seriously evaluate schools.

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