Monday Morning Quarterback

Sometimes, being a skeptic is not much fun. Just when it looked like there would be plenty to pick at, the team rises up and clobbers a pretty good NC State team. Make no mistake; this was a Larry Holmes – Tex Cobb like result. BC beat the Wolfpack in every phase of the game. Just because NC State wore "Welcome" on the front of their jerseys, however, does not mean it was flawless performance.

Once again, we saw a total lack of a pass rush. Granted, BC was short-handed on the line and had to improvise like crazy, but this has been an issue all season. BC got away with it in this game primarily because Wilson was way off target from the start.

The weird part is BC seemed to give up on rushing Wilson at all. In the second quarter, after NC State had pulled close with two field goals, BC was going with a two and three man rush. If you cannot get to a guy with a four man rush, you're not getting to him with a two man rush.

OK, it sort of worked. BC held NC State to 13 points in the first half and took an eleven point lead into the half. But, they gave up 250 yards. If not for the total disinterest in playing defense from the other guys, this would have been a different half of football. In other words, if the NC State had no quit before getting off the bus, their offense would have had a field day.

Whether the coaches like it or not, they are going to have to take some chances in order to get pressure on the quarterback. The QB's they will face the next two weeks are not stiffs. Giving them all day to find a receiver is not going to work.

Coach Tranguill had a great game plan for NC State and had his kids ready to play. We saw a great mix of run and pass, as well as some nice new wrinkles that we have not seen this year. The draw play, a great way to hit a team looking for the pass, is something they hit NC State with often. That's a new thing that they have not done often until last weekend.

One quibble. You get a pick late in the half when NC State had some momentum. You have your offense putting together a nice drive to set up a field goal. It will not clinch the game, but it is a great momentum changer and a chance to take some steam out of the other squad.

With little time on the clock and no time outs, BC has a chance to run maybe three plays, if they get a first down. Instead, they run the ball. That kills the clock and forces a hurry-up to spike the ball and bring on the field goal team. It was a gutsy call, but also a dangerous call. The book says throw it and save the clock. Just one broken tackle and the half ends, without a chance to score.

Pooch kicks keep popping up in college football and I have no idea why. The numbers don't lie. Give the team an extra twenty yards and they score far more often that if they start at their twenty. For the second week in a row, BC was kicking the ball to the twenty. This makes no sense unless the kicker is hurt.

The only other complaint from Saturday is the use of Marscovetra. Last week, we heard they wanted to get him and the rest of the second team in games, regardless of the situation. So, we saw them in the first half of a game heading south in a hurry. The explanation was it was simply part of the plan.

On Saturday, the game was out of hand in the third quarter. Yet we did not see the second team guys or Marscovetra. He could have played the whole fourth quarter along with the second team guys. O'Brien sent in his subs for most of the second half and he was losing. That's the perfect time to get Marscovetra some reps.

In general, it makes no difference. Shinskie is a freshman and Marscovetra is a freshman. Both need all the reps they can get. So, letting Shinskie play in mop up duty makes as much sense as giving Marscovtra time in a blowout. The thing is, be consistent. If you want both guys to get time, give both guys time. Otherwise, don't stick the second team in there on the road at a top-5 team.

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