Weekend Viewing Guide

The ACC kicked off the weekend with a thriller on Thursday night. Florida State rallied back to knock off UNC on the road. The rest of the schedule has some potential for great games as well. There are also a few games that will have a great impact on the division races. Clemson at Miami is important for both divisions, as both teams are in the mix for the title.

In terms of national exposure, the biggest game on the schedule is BC at Notre Dame. The Irish have their own network and generally draw a national audience. Playing Boston College, a program that always scores high TV ratings, is sure to make this the most watched game in the country tomorrow. Although it means nothing as far as standings, it is the show case game of the weekend.

The big conference game is Clemson at Miami. Both teams are in the hunt for the division crown and neither team can afford a loss. Miami is also looking at a shot – a long shot – at the BCS title game. Short of that, they have an excellent chance at an at-large big to the BCS. That's what makes this a must watch game for ACC fans. The loser is almost guaranteed to fall short of their goals this year.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia: After a horrible start, Virginia is quietly getting better. They have won three straight, including two on the road. Georgia Tech is coming off a huge home win over Virginia Tech. The prospect of a letdown is certainly a possibility. What makes this game interesting is both teams have a lot at stake. Georgia Tech needs a win to stay in the hunt for a title and maybe a BCS bid. Virginia needs a win to stay in the bowl hunt.

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Pick: This could be a trap game, but the Georgia Tech system is tailor made for Virginia. The Jackets win a close one.

Maryland @ Duke: In another time, this game would mean nothing. Now, it has all sorts of intrigue. Duke is playing for a bowl berth. Maryland is playing for their coach. What Duke does well, Maryland does poorly. The Terps have yet to do anything well this season. This one could be a coming out party for Duke, against a team they have not beat since 1999. Or, it could be the end of the Duke fantasy.


Pick: It is tempting to think Maryland gets off the mat and wins this one, but they are just not a good team. Duke wins by a very big number.

Clemson @ Miami: This is the biggest game in the ACC this week. Miami is playing for a BCS bid and a trip to Tampa. Clemson is playing for the division title and needs to keep pace with Boston College. It is also a chance for them to beat a ranked team, something they have yet to do this season. A great Clemson defense against a high powered Miami offense, means this one will be great football for the purists.

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Pick: Clemson turns into a pumpkin as soon as they leave home. Miami is the better team and will win by two scores.

Boston College @ Notre Dame: This one has no importance for conference standings, but it is a measuring stick for BC. Notre Dame is terrible on defense, but very good on offense. This is a chance for BC to show they can go on the road and play good football. It would also send the Irish into the ignominy of a second or third tie bowl game. Plus, this game is a rivalry of sorts and it is always good to beat a rival of sorts.


Pick: Notre Dame is horrible on defense, but so is BC. Give the home team and the experienced QB the nod. Notre Dame wins is a blowout.

Wake Forest @ Navy: You have to wonder about the psyche of the Deacs. They have yet to win on the road and have seemed fragile all season. Navy is not a team you want to face when you are lacking confidence or continuity. Throw in the fact that this is a road game and it looks like an upset special. Given the way the season has gone, it would not be a shock if they are overlooking Navy.

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Pick: Navy is better than people think. They do what they do and do it well. Wake is the opposite right now. Navy wins this one by ten.

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