BC In The Mix For Gaston

Bruce Gaston is one the most sought after defensive tackles in the Midwest. The Illinois tackle has a long list of offers from schools around the country. He has yet to take any of his official visits, but the plan is to begin that phase of his recruitment once his season ends. The visit list has yet to be determined, but one school is in good position to be on that final list.

Bruce Gaston has not spent much time with recruiting this fall. Over the summer he visited schools in the Midwest, but he took a break for the football season. That has not prevented schools from staying in touch. One of those schools is Boston College.

"I have not been out to Boston College yet. That's the reason I cannot say much about them. The coaches have been talking to me for a while and I really like the coaches. I have good relationship with them. That's why I want to get out there and see the school."

Gaston has visited many of the schools on his list unofficially. Once the season ends, he will begin to take his officials.

"I've been to Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Purdue. I saw those schools over the summer. I have not done any official visits yet, but I plan to once the season ends. Right now I'm just concerned with the season. Once the season is over, I'll look at my officials. "

The obvious question is whether he wants to leave the Midwest. He has visited most of the Big ten, but has not been out to see schools outside of the region.

"The plan originally was to stay close to home, somewhere in the Midwest. But, schools like Boston College and Arizona have stayed close and I like the coaches. So, I want to look at everyone. I want to make sure I pick the school that is best for me. I want to be comfortable and fit in with the team and what they are doing. If that means going outside the Midwest then that's what I'll do."

The list of schools suggests a strong interest in academics. How much of a role will that play in the decision process?

"My grades are very good. I want to go to a school that I can get a good education. The schools recruiting me are all good schools. That's one part, but the biggest part is comfort. "

What everyone wants to know is who will make the list of schools getting an official visit. Usually, that indicates the final list of favorites.

"I still don't know which five schools will be my officials. Like I said, once the season is over I can decide on official visits. Boston College is one place I want to see. So, I think it is a good chance they will be one of my officials. But, right now I'm not thinking about it too much."

For now, it is all about the season and helping his team.

"Our season is going OK. It is not as good as we would like, but we are working hard and trying to get better as a team. We are 7-and-2, but not where we want to be. If we play hard we have a chance to make the playoffs and that's our goal."

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