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The final week of October has several pivotal games on the schedule. Six ACC teams are in a tough fight to make the post-season. None of these games will decide anything, but the bowl pecking order is begging to settle out and these games will go a long way toward settling those questions. The one big game is Miami at Wake Forest, which will be a nationally televised game.

Deep into conference play, there are only a couple of non-conference games this week. Neither game will do much to enhance the league's power ranking. BC hosts CMU and Georgia Tech goes to Vanderbilt. Both games should be wins for the league, but the BC game will be one to watch.

In conference, the NC State – Florida State game has the most intrigue. Both teams need to keep winning to stay in the bowl hunt. Both coaches are facing criticism for recent woes. The other big conference game is Miami at Wake. Miami is playing for a big bowl and Wake is playing for any bowl. Both teams need this one.

UNC @ Virginia Tech: North Carolina is desperate for a win. Their post-season hopes are fading unless they begin to play better. Virginia Tech is looking for a BCS big and maybe a trip to the title game. That makes for a good game. The trouble is it is at Blacksburg and no one beats them there on Thursday nights other than Boston College. The reason to watch is the potential matchup between the league's best defense against an up and down offense.


Pick: Until something changes, take the Hokies at home on a Thursday night. They win by ten.

NC State @ Florida State: A game between two teams in dire shape for the post-season should mean a great game. NC State has had two weeks to get ready. Florida State is coming off a big win, but still has their backs to the wall. The question is whether FSU can stop the NC State offense. If so, they win easily. Otherwise, it looks to be a shootout.

TV: ESPN360 & Game Plan

Pick: FSU may have turned a corner last week. This will be a tough one, but they win at home.

Coastal Carolina @ Clemson: There is no reason to worry about this one. Clemson can certainly lay an egg at home, but they could play their second string and win this one easily. After a huge win on the road, this is a nice cupcake game to get ready for the stretch drive.


Pick: Clemson wins by whatever number they like.

Miami @ Wake Forest: Miami has to be smarting from last week. They basically gave the game away last week and blew their chance for a BCS bid. That means a maximum effort this week. Wake is also a desperate team right now. The disappointing loss at Navy has put them in jeopardy of missing the post-season. They tend to play well at home and should be ready to give a maximum performance at home.


Pick: The numbers say Wake should be able to beat Miami, but they have yet to play a complete game this year. The ‘Canes win a close one.

Central Michigan @ Boston College: Central Michigan has quietly built a very impressive record. They may be the best team no one knows anything about right now. BC is snake bit. They lost two players to transfer and have a bout on mono knocking out starters. Throw in the fact there may be a hangover from the Notre Dame game and this one has the look of an upset.


Pick: Under normal conditions, BC wins this one by ten. Under these conditions, CMU pulls the upset.

Duke @ Virginia: No one thought a Duke game in October would ever be of interest, but this one is. The Dukies have a tough schedule and need this one if they are to make a bowl game. Virginia is in a similar position. They need three wins and they are not going to be easy to come by the rest of the way. They need this one, maybe to save Groh's job. That makes this one of the more interesting games on the schedule.


Pick: It would be nice if Duke won, but they are not ready to take that step just yet. Virginia wins a close one.

Georgia Tech @ Vanderbilt: This could be a trap game for Georgia Tech. Vandy is 2-and-6, having lost four straight. That makes this their bowl game. On the other side, the Jackets may be feeling pretty good and tempted to overlook this one. While it will take a lot for Vandy to pull the upset, they could keep it close.

TV: ESPN360 & Game Plan

Pick: Georgia Tech wins by ten.

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