Weekend Viewing Guide

The final month of the season is upon us and the focus shifts to bowl eligibility and seeding. One division may be decided tomorrow, as Georgia Tech can clinch with a win over Duke. Miami, looking for a big bowl, has a huge game at UNC. On the other side, Clemson and Boston College go on the road, hoping to get a leg up on the other in the standings.

This weekend's schedule is highlighted by Miami at North Carolina. That is the feature game and promises to be the most entertaining. At the same time, Boston College may be playing for sole ownership of first place in the Atlantic. A Clemson loss at NC State will open the door for the Eagles to win their third straight division.

Georgia Tech @ Duke: On paper, this is not much of a contest. Georgia Tech is the best team in the conference and Duke is a bottom third team. The only way Duke keeps it close is if their passing game goes nuts and scores 30 points. That's unlikely. The main reason to watch is to see how the Jackets respond to the pressure of a deciding game. They win, they are in Tampa. They lose and they probably miss the title game.


Pick: Georgia Tech has been on a roll and not showing signs they are about to choke. They take care of Duke fairly easily.

Clemson @ NC State: This is one of the biggest games of the weekend for the league. If Clemson wins, they are just about a lock for Tampa. A loss and they need BC to slip up at least one more time. On the other hand, NC State is a desperate team playing at home. They have enough offense to make a game of it. Plus, O'Brien is feeling the heat and that usually means an unexpected win.

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Pick: Clemson has a history of choking. O'Brien has a history of choking. The facts say Clemson wins this one, despite their history.

Florida State @ Wake Forest: This is an elimination game. The loser is out of the post-season. Technically, FSU can afford a loss, but they will not beat Florida at the end of the year. So, they need this one. Wake has six losses and needs this one to stay alive. That makes for a potentially great game. The loss of Christian Ponder, however, could make this a one sided game in favor of Wake.


Pick: Ponder has not be great, but he is better than his understudy. Wake wins by two scores at home.

Virginia Tech @ Maryland: In another time, this one would look like a trap game. The Terps play much better at home and VT is stumbling a bit. That said, the crowd is expected to be more Tech fans than Terp fans. Whatever home field advantage that could exist will be nonexistent. Plus, Maryland is a really bad team right now and is just playing out the string.


Pick: The Hokies win by a lot.

Miami @ UNC: Miami has an outside shot at the BCS. They have an outside shot at the title game. They have never won at UNC. On the other hand, the Tar Heels have the best defense in the league, with plenty of speed to challenge the Miami offense. For pure entertainment, this one is the best game on the schedule. Throw in the bowl implications and this should be the best game of the weekend.


Pick: UNC has enough offense to compliment a great defense. Tar Heels win a close one.

Boston College @ Virginia: Boston College has yet to win on the road. Virginia is a bad team with a lame duck coach and both quarterbacks are questionable. This looks like a lackluster game on paper, but the stakes are high for both teams. Coach Groh is fighting for his job and BC has a shot at the title game. That sets up for a better game than it otherwise might be.


Pick: BC finds a way to win on the road.

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